Top 5 Fisheye Lenses

5/03/2020 1:14 pm

Often neglected in favour of the more conservative wide-angle lens, Fisheye lenses offer a wonderfully unique vision that would bring a whole new level of creativity to many photographer's gadget bags - if only they would give them a chance!

Top 5 fisheye lenses

Why use a fisheye camera lens?


Recognisable by the extreme distortion that they provide, fisheye lenses are commonly seen in extreme sports photography.

This distorted effect is created by the lens being ultra-wide, meaning it crams a greater degree of detail into your frame. If you have ever looked through the peephole on a door, you are familiar with the fisheye effect.

To the adventurous, fisheye lenses can be used to add flair and creativity to a wide range of photographic styles, including landscape and portraiture. The trick is, learning how the effect is created and using it to your advantage.

Top 5 fisheye lenses

Variations of fisheye lenses

Top 5 fisheye lenses

There are 2 different types of fisheye lenses on the market; circular and full-frame. Circular fisheye lenses can be spotted by the black round frame that they produce around the edges of a photograph.

On the contrary, full-frame fisheye lenses provide a less extreme effect, and are therefore more commonly used for landscape or urban landscape photography.

Due to their extremely wide field of view, fisheye lenses capture a great depth of field, so photographers can enjoy a large area of their image being sharp and in focus, from foreground to background.

Top 5 fisheye lenses for unique photography

In order to be classed as fisheye, a lens needs to capture at least 180-degrees at its widest point. Most major manufacturers make a fisheye lens to suit their interchangeable lens cameras, while third-party lens manufacturers also produce suitable lens models.

If you wish to experiment with the fisheye effect before splashing out on a digital camera lens, consider purchasing a clip-on smartphone model, such as the Black Eye Pro Fish Eye Mobile Lens.

Keep learning about Digital Camera Lenses

If you want to discuss fisheye lenses in greater detail, drop by your local Ted's store today. If you want to find out more about Digital Camera lenses, we have you covered, from landscape and portrait lenses to wildlife photography lenses and more.


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