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The best landscape lenses | Canon, Nikon & Sony

Ask any landscape photographer about their must-have camera gear, and they’ll say a wide-angle lens. The best lens for landscapes, wide-angle lenses offer a 180-degree view of a scene, so they’re brilliant for capturing the scope and beauty of your surroundings.

From beaches and mountain ranges to deserts and rainforests, a wide-angle lens will open up the scene without losing any of the detail or sharpness of your photo. They also work to pull everything in your frame into focus, so your foreground and background are equally clear, making them the best lens for nature photography.

Along with natural landscapes, wide-angle landscape lenses are a go-to for architectural photography. If you’re interested in shooting landmarks, these lenses will help you capture the size, significance and unique details of buildings.

You can use landscape lenses inside, too. They come in handy in smaller rooms, where a wall or something similar prevents you from fitting more scenery into your frame. For this reason, they’re often used for interior and real estate photography.

Wide-angle lenses come in both zoom and prime variants. When you’re shopping for a landscape photography lens, remember the golden rule: The shorter the focal length, the wider the field of view. The most popular focal lengths are 14mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm and 35mm. If you’re in the market for a lens with a fixed focal length, the best prime lens for landscape is the one that suits your photography style.