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The best fisheye lenses | Canon, Nikon & GoPro

Want to add some creative flair to your photos? Experiment with a fisheye lens. A type of ultra-wide lens, a fisheye lens distorts a scene and helps you to create unique, interesting compositions. Once known as “whole sky lenses,” they were originally used to study cloud formations. But now, they’re a sure-fire way to turn your photos into artistic and abstract masterpieces.

You might be wondering, what are fisheye lenses good for? There are a few ways to use a fisheye lens effectively. Our favourites are landscape and travel photography. It’s worth swapping out your trusty wide-angle lens every now and then for a fisheye lens. With an angle of view between 100 and 180 degrees, it will allow you to capture panoramic photos of landscapes, architectural buildings, and urban settings.

Fisheye lenses are also great for getting shots that you’d otherwise miss. Let’s say you’re shooting a city from the perspective of a rooftop. Using any other lens, it would be near impossible to fit a whole city in your frame, but a fisheye camera will distort the scene so it works. Plus, the distorted lines will add drama and meaning to your photo. The key is to use the curves to attract the viewer and draw their attention to a specific part of your photo.

If you’re ready to add a Nikon fisheye lens, Canon fisheye lens or GoPro fisheye lens to your kit, here’s our advice: Have fun with it! The creative possibilities are endless. And if portability is a priority, you could even invest in a fisheye lens for iPhone.