Lomo Film Cameras

Return to the golden age of film photography

After the early 2000s digital revolution that led to a spike in the popularity of mirrorless and DSLR cameras, film photography has well and truly come back in fashion. Around the world, beginner and enthusiast photographers alike are taking a trip down memory lane and reconnecting with the Lomo cameras and film cameras of yesteryear.

From disposable film cameras to the best film camera lenses for experimenting with style, colour, and composition, our film camera range has everything you need to try your hand at film photography. Whether you’re reliving the glory days of film or discovering film cameras for the first time, there’s something to suit every budget, skill level, and photography style.

Find the perfect film camera for your photography style

One of the best things about film photography is that it’s accessible to all skill levels. If you’re looking for a relatively cheap beginner film camera, our selection of disposable film cameras has you covered. Pre-loaded, lightweight, and easy to use, our point and shoot film cameras will have you taking great happy snaps in no time.

Plus, with great features including built-in flash and underwater shooting capabilities on offer, they’re the perfect match for both everyday and outdoor adventure photographers.

Alternatively, more experienced enthusiasts looking for unique shots will love the budget-friendly range of 35mm film cameras from Lomo. Easy to use and bursting with quirky style, these handy film cameras let you capture creative images without worrying too much about your camera settings.

Don’t forget your film!

Once you’ve chosen your film camera, don’t forget to find the right film to go with it. Our collection of camera film includes everything you need for your lo-fi photography adventures, whether you’re after black and white film or want to shoot in 35mm colour.

Ready to step back in time? Discover our range of film cameras below now!

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