With a Canon digital video camera you can count on recording life's stories. Canon offers camcorders in the Legria DV and Professional DV range to satisfy the needs of both home-movie experts and seasoned film makers. There are three categories of digital video cameras to choose from in the Canon Legria DV series - the Point and Shoot (FS), Point and Shoot Plus (HF R) and the Powerful (HF M, HF S and HF G). The Canon Legria HF R, HF M, HF S and HF G models offer full high definition (Full HD) 1920x1080 video recording. Select products in the range include up to 32x optical zoom, wide angle lenses, image stabilization and even manual control override. Professional cinematographers will find what they need in Canon's professional DV range of full high definition video cameras (Full HD video cameras). The range includes cameras that come equipped with the Canon XF MPEG-2 Full HD (4:2:2) codec with data recording at up to 50Mbps. Specific models also include wide angle lenses with large optical zooms and optical image stabilisation. Support is also provided for multi-camera live switch shoots as well as the ability to synchronise two cameras to record 3D video.