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Whether you're a first-time digital video camera user or a budding movie maker, you can count on the Legria range of Canon video cameras to capture special moments and turn them into priceless footage.

You'll be able to avoid shaky footage with image stabilisation and automatic ISO will ensure focus is accurately detected and light levels are taken into account. Models in the Canon Legria range enable you to explore your creative side: the Story Creator, Movie Filters and Touch decorations features allow you to add personal touches to captured footage. If you're more experienced and are looking to test your skills or master manual controls, look for the Canon Legria HF G10 or XA10.

Select models such as the Canon Legria HF R38, Legria HF R36 and Legria HF M52 also feature Wi-Fi capability. This allows video recordings to be saved wirelessly from your camcorder to a computer in your home network, an FTP server, to YouTube or Facebook, or played back on DLNA-compatible TV sets or media players.