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This Canon premium prime lens – designed for portrait photography – is one of Canon’s fastest lenses they manufacture. With an insanely fast f1.2 aperture, not only will low-light shooting never be an issue, but you won’t find better depth-of-field control in any other Canon lens (other than Canon’s EF 50mm f1.2L). With amazing L-Series optics, you can be assured to get stunningly sharp portrait shots with incredible smooth background bokeh. To top it off, it uses a ring UltraSonic Motor (USM) – allowing for faster, quieter auto-focus accuracy.

  • L-Series quality optics.
  • Fixed f1.2 aperture – great for low-light shooting and incredible depth-of-field.
  • USM – allowing for fast, accurate auto-focus with minimal noise.
  • 60% faster than its predecessor .
  • Designed for professional usage.
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