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The best macro lenses | Canon, Nikon & Sony

The beauty of a photo lies in the details. Think: Raindrops on flower petals, spots and stripes on tropical fish, and parmesan cheese on pasta. That’s where the best macro lenses come in. They’re designed to capture small-scale subjects at short distances, so you can highlight details the naked eye might otherwise miss.

Macro lenses are ideal for any type of photography that could benefit from close-up images. One of the most popular uses is flower photography. Let’s say you’re shooting in a botanical garden. A macro lens will encourage you to look for the most interesting thing in the scene - those details people might walk right past. For example, you could focus on the ridges of a leaf, or the contrast between the white and yellow petals of a frangipani. This kind of attention to detail is also why macro lenses are often used for water drop flower photography.

On dry land, you can use a macro lens for landscape and nature photography. If you’re shooting wildlife, you could switch out your wide-angle lens for a macro lens, and hone in on an insect’s eyes, or a kangaroo’s foot. These are the details that the average person might never get to see in real life, why is why macro lens photography is such a fun style to experiment with.

You can also attach a super macro lens to your camera for food and product photography. The lens will accentuate the finest details, like the chunky bolognese sauce or the various stones in a ring.

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