This Canon super-telephoto prime lens – designed for sports and wildlife photography – is paramount for any professional telephoto photographer. With its fixed f2.8 aperture and L-Series quality optics, this lens has been crafted for serious professional usage for any photographer needing primal shots from quite a distance away. For sports photography, the 3 Image Stabilisation modes allow you to maintain clarity whilst panning, so you’re ready for any kind of motion. For wildlife photography, the USM built into the lens allows for quick auto-focusing whilst still remaining essentially silent. For portraits, the bokeh created behind a subject is amazingly smooth, resulting in heavy emphasis on the subject – predominantly beneficial for photojournalists and fashion photographers.

  • L-Series quality optics.
  • Fast auto-focus system, whilst still remaining whisper-quiet.
  • 3 IS Modes, designed to capture different variants of motion.
  • Rugged and durable design.
  • Designed for professional usage.