For producing brilliant photographic prints at home, consider this Paterson Enlarger. This enlarger can make prints of both your 35mm and medium format 6x6 camera film - it comes with glassless masks for both, while the head of the enlarger can be raised to make larger prints. When raising the enlarger head a maximum print size of 30x40cm is possible. Not large enough? The head can also be rotated up to 90-degrees to project the image on the wall, or even the floor for printing. To save you from exposing your photographic paper prematurely, this Paterson enlarger comes with a red swing filter positioned beneath the lens. The lens mount of this enlarger is a standard 39mm size, with a 35mm suitable 50mm lens coming with this enlarger, and a 75mm (for 6x6 negatives) lens available separately.

  • Includes Red Swing filter
  • Filter draw for variable contrast
  • Enlarger head can be raised and tilted
  • Lens mount: 39mm thread
  • 50mm lens included