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With this exceptionally handy accessory, the Inca Smart USB Twin charger, you are provided with a variety of charging options for your lithium battery. You can charge your lithium battery via 3 different methods, which include USB, Micro, or type-C mains adaptors. The charger can charge up to 2 lithium batteries simultaneously, while when these batteries are connected but not actively charging, you can use this charger as a powerbank to charge a connected USB device.An LCD screen is available on the unit, so you can keep track of the important details of the connected batteries. This particular version of the charger is compatible with Nikon EN-EL15 batteries.

  • LCD screen for monitoring
  • Charge 1 or 2 compatible batteries
  • 3 charging options - USB, Micro, or type C mains adaptor
  • USB output - powerbank functionality
  • Compatible with Nikon EN-EL15 batteries