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Maximising your creativity, the New GoPro Hero Max allows you to choose between standard GoPro-style views, or immersive 360-degree footage. A unique twist on our favourite adventure camera range, the GoPro Max is the key for the most creative action videos yet. As well as all-encompassing 360-degree footage, awe-inspiring panoramas do not require any effort, you just point and shoot. The available digital lens options help you frame each scene as you see fit, without having to do too much leg work, while the 6 built-in mics ensure that not only is your video of 360-degree quality, so is your audio. Suitable as a 3-in-1 portable shooting option, you can use both lenses for 360-degree shooting, the front-facing lens for traditional adventure footage or the rear-facing lens for Vlogging and selfies. The GoPro Max features WiFi connectivity as well as live streaming, so you can use your Max as a webcam and stream directly to Facebook and Youtube.

  • 16.6mp
  • 5.6k 30FPS
  • Max Hyper smooth
  • 5m waterproof
  • Live Streaming
  • Intuituve touch screen