Fix your gaze on the close-up world, with the help of this Fujifilm XF 80mm f2.8 R L Macro lens. With a telephoto focal length and a large f2.8 maximum aperture, this lens is adept at pinpointing your desired subject matter, while the 1:1 magnification and short focusing range ensures you can accurately represent common macro subjects, such as insects and plant-life. The large aperture combines with the Optical Image Stabiliser to produce great handheld shooting abilities, while a quality dust and weather-resistant build quality assures this lens can accompany you and your x-series cameras, to more trying corners of the globe.

  • Large f2.8 aperture
  • 1:1 magnification ratio
  • Linear AF motor
  • Optical Image Stabiliser
  • Weather and dust-resistant build quality
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