This Canon premium fish-eye lens – designed for experimental photography – is one of their most unique and daring lenses on the market. Because it doesn’t have a fixed focal length, you can choose to capture perfectly circular shots at 8mm (on a full-frame DSLR), or choose to fill your frame and still maintain corner-to-corner clarity at 15mm. With its fixed f4.0 aperture, combined with Canon’s famous L-Series optics – you can let your imagination run wild without compensating in low-light conditions. You can also be sure your shot will be in focus, thanks to its efficient built-in UltraSonic Motor (USM).

  • L-Series quality optics.
  • Fixed f4.0 aperture.
  • USM – allowing for fast, accurate auto-focus – with minimal noise.
  • Perfectly circular shots (on a Full-Frame Canon DSLR body) at 8mm.
  • Designed for professional/experimental usage.
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