Your Trade In Cameras Re-Gifted

2 December 2015

Have you ever wondered what happens to your trade-in cameras?

After our latest ‘trade-in sale’ a bunch of second hand digital cameras made their way up to the Katherine in the Northern Territory. They found their new home at the Clyde Fenton School; a school committed to meeting the needs of all students on an equitable basis. It’s here that the resident art teacher, David McGill has put them to good use.

We had a quick chat with him about the school, the kids and what it’s like to teach in such a unique school.

Why did you start teaching? What does being a teacher mean to you?
Teaching is a lifestyle, anyone can teach, in the words of Bruce Lee ‘A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for him/herself’. Teaching is coming home with a head full of mysteries and a heart full of stories.

In one word how would you describe the kids in the ILU?

Your Trade In Cameras Re-GiftedYour Trade In Cameras Re-Gifted
David McGill - Teacher @ Clyde Fenton School

What do the kids in the ILU teach you?
The students in the ILU (intensive learning unit) have shared some stories of their own culture with me in passing and way of life in their own communities. Students have explained to me the dangers of Katherine Gorge & its Rainbow Serpent. That turtles are apparently the greatest food of all, followed by Kalano tomatoes. The Students have shown me what bush tucker we have in and around the school. I have been taught that a ‘spekky’ is a ‘high fly’, a bad kick is a ‘bendy leg’ and that shoes only slow you down!

You’re originally from Geelong, Victoria. What made you move to the NT to teach at Clyde Fenton Primary in Katherine?
Change of scenery, change of lifestyle, what started as a road trip with my dog has given me the opportunity to make a change in a community. Clyde Fenton Primary School students have given me that opportunity and have made a change in my psyche.

Your Trade In Cameras Re-GiftedYour Trade In Cameras Re-Gifted

How will you implement the re-gifted cameras into the lessons?
The cameras have become the focus in our Art lessons. We already have some budding young photographers snapping up the opportunity to capture moments.

Anything else you'd like to share?
The kids, I and every other student, teacher, parent and sibling would like to give a big Clyde Fenton flying doctor man double thumbs up to TED’S cameras and everyone who donated.


We’re looking forward to seeing the results of the art classes; we’ll share their photos with you in the next few weeks.

The Ted’s trade in sale happens once a year, keep an eye out for next year’s. We can’t wait to see where our cameras go next time and who benefits from your unloved cameras.

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