Insuring Your Camera

25/07/2014 11:12 am

So you have invested your hard earned money into your camera kit which you use to take those great photos you enjoy so much. 

But what if when you are photographing on location, one leg of your tripod slips and your camera falls lens first onto the hard ground and smashes the lens and the camera body or what if someone breaks into your home or car and steals your camera bag?

Well hopefully you are insured and then it is just a matter of speaking with your insurance company, file a claim and then get a quote to fix or replace the equipment. 

But beware not all insurance companies are alike, if you have specialised camera equipment or any sort of digital camera equipment that is more than just an SLR and a single lens, then you really should be insured with a specialist camera insurer. 

If you are covered under you home and contents insurer beware that a lot of insurance companies do not deal with camera specialist stores when replacing equipment so it pays to be insured with a Photographic Insurance Specialist. 

If you are interested in Photographic specialist insurance here are a couple of companies to speak with...

PPIB – Professional Photographers Insurance Brokers 1300 733 476 

AIS Insurance 03 8699 8888 

AON Insurance 1800 307 664 

Also if you are travelling with your equipment away from home either in Australia or Overseas and you are taking out Travel Insurance then make sure you check what their policy is and what it covers.
Sometimes you will need to nominate the actual equipment you are taking and its value as most travel insurance policies have equipment limits.  Some Photographic Specialist Insurers will include Australia or even worldwide coverage in their standard policy. 


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