Sony Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Roundup - 2021

15/02/2021 6:23 am

Mirrorless cameras took the digital photography world by storm, thanks to their perfect mix of performance and portability. While initially aimed at beginners and enthusiasts, now more and more professional users are trusting Mirrorless cameras to make their more serious work and Sony is at the forefront of this change with their full-frame Mirrorless range.

We helped you decide which Sony digital camera lens to choose for your body not too long ago, now let us set you up with the perfect Sony Full-Frame Mirrorless camera.



The Sony A7 was the camera that started the full-frame Mirrorless ball rolling for Sony, and this A7 Mark 3 is the 3rd generation in this line. Whereas some models within the Sony Alpha range are specialists in certain areas, this model could be thought of as a jack of all trades, with an equal mix of still photography and video features,  as well as fast and reliable performance, all in a slimline package.


The Sony A7 Mark 3 features a full-frame 24.2MP Exmor CMOS sensor and Bionz X image processor, a pairing that captures stunningly detailed images throughout its 100-51200 ISO range. It is capable of recording 15 stops of dynamic range, which equates to high-levels of detail being captured in every shot. Other important inclusions are 10 frames per second continuous shooting, 5-Axis Image Stabilisation and UHD 4K resolution video recording. If you are having trouble making up your mind, you can’t go wrong with this versatile Mirrorless camera.



One thing that is abundantly clear with the Sony Alpha range is that Sony doesn’t waste any time releasing new models that improve upon their already successful predecessors. The A7R Mark 4 is obviously the 4th model in this lineup in just a few years. It has recently announced itself on the market with its full-frame sensor featuring an amazing 61MP and promising to produce 15 stops of dynamic range. 


The Sony A7R Mark 4 features improved weather-sealing, as well as an enhanced grip for more successful handheld shooting. There is a rapidly fast and accurate phase-detection AF system with 567 points as well as 5-axis in-body stabilisation, both of which increase the effectiveness of the A7R Mark 4’s 4K resolution video and 10 frames per second continuous shooting.



The professional-standard A9 Mark 2 will have sports photographers considering trading in their old gear, thanks to it matching the quality of pro DSLR cameras, in a lighter and more portable package. As well as a full-frame 24.2 CMOS sensor, the A9 Mark 2 features an ISO range which is expandable to 204800 so you can shoot in dark conditions and also keep shooting at faster shutter speeds in order to freeze fast-paced action.


The Sony A9 Mark 2 can shoot at a top speed of 20 frames per second when using the electronic shutter, and up to 293 RAW images in a burst with absolutely no blackout! The included Bionz X processor allows faster processing times as well as a 693-point phase-detection focus system that can keep up with the top speeds that we just mentioned. Also contained within this rugged, weather-sealed body are 5-Axis image stabilisation and 4K resolution video recording.

Leaping onto the market in 2020, the Sony A7C provides would-be full-frame Mirrorless enthusiasts with a more portable entry-point into the range.


This exciting release will appeal to those looking for something that they can take with them as they follow their everyday routine, or as they travel to all corners of the globe - it is in fact the world’s smallest stabilised full-frame camera at the time of release.


The A7C is not just notable for its compact build - it captures brilliant photos and videos. This camera will be particularly well received by vloggers, thanks to its 4K video capture, side-tilting LCD screen and both microphone and headphone inputs. The A7C is the perfect vlogging camera if you are aiming for the best-quality audio recordings to go with your videos.


A 24.2MP full-frame sensor can be found inside the Sony A7C, which can be used to produce highly-detailed photographs in various lighting conditions (even in low light conditions), while the built-in 5-axis stabilisation system and speedy phase-detection autofocus are available to add professionalism and class to both photos and videos.

Sony have started the year with a huge bang, with the announcement of the flagship Sony Alpha A1 - it also goes by "The One".  A top of the line model in every sense of the word, the A1 could be thought of as combining every feature Sony has included in previous releases, which have been improved upon and crammed into a portable Mirrorless package.


The Sony Alpha A1 is made for those that demand professional-level imaging of every kind, with its combination of 50MP full-frame EXMOR CMOS sensor and BIONZ X processor producing highly detailed still files and 8K resolution videos. The performance of this rugged weather-sealed body puts the competition to shame, with a lightning-fast Hybrid AF system, 30 frames per second blackout shooting and dual memory card slots so users can manage the large and plentiful files being created.

As is to be expected of a Sony Mirrorless camera, the Alpha A1 is still manageable for daily use and travel - it weighs just 737 grams. A host of video-friendly features are available for avid vloggers and movie-makers, while the combination and tilting LCD screen and high-res EVF means you will always find the best angle to frame your image, no matter the desired outcome.

Take your photography to the next level with a Sony Mirrorless camera

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