The 5 Best Vlogging Camera Settings

1/05/2020 6:09 am

As video camera technology continues to improve and the popularity of vlogging skyrockets, more and more people are trying their hand at filming YouTube videos. And with good reason - starting a vlog is a great way to share your passion and creativity with the world.


For many beginner vloggers, however, working out the right camera settings for YouTube videos can be a challenge. To help you overcome this and start shooting stunning videos that engage your audience, we’ve rounded up the 5 best vlogging camera settings. Whether you’re starting a travel vlog, want to make a name for yourself as a fashion vlogger, or simply want to vlog about your daily life, read on to discover the best settings for vlogging.

1. Frame rate & video quality

Striking, captivating YouTube videos start with the best possible video quality, so make sure you shoot using the highest resolution your camera will allow - if you’ve got a 4k resolution camera, you’re in luck! Shooting in high resolution does mean a larger file size and longer upload time, but ultimately it’s worth the trade off: You can always lower the quality in post-production to reduce the file size, but it doesn’t work in reverse.


If you can change your digital camera frame rate, it’s a good idea to set this to a fast frame rate of about 30 frames per second (fps). For reference, movies and more cinematic videos are filmed at 24 fps. As your vlogging skills improve, you can experiment with different frame rates to achieve different effects, like slow motion.

The 5 Best Vlogging Camera Settings

2. Shutter speed

The 5 Best Vlogging Camera Settings



This setting and the three that follow require you to set your camera to manual exposure mode. As a rule of thumb, your shutter speed should be double - or as close to double - your frame rate. This will give you the smoothest, clearest, and most cinematic results. 


For example, if your frame rate is set at 30fps, your shutter speed should be 1/60th of a second.

3. Aperture size

Again, you’ll need to switch your camera into manual exposure mode before adjusting this setting. Your aperture size will make a significant difference to the appearance of your video by determining which parts, and how much, of the frame is in focus.


There’s no hard and fast rule for this setting, but as a guide, a larger aperture will help you create shallow depths of fields and is the best setting for YouTube videos that focus on only a small area, like the subject or foreground. A smaller aperture, on the other hand, will let less light into your shot, and keep more items in your frame in focus.

Top tip: Together with shutter speed and ISO, aperture size is one of the best camera settings for videos that are well-exposed and focused, so take the time to get to know it properly.

The 5 Best Vlogging Camera Settings

4. ISO

The 5 Best Vlogging Camera Settings

Your camera’s ISO settings determine its sensitivity to light. A high ISO should be used for indoor or low light photography, while a low ISO should be used for natural light photography or other scenarios in which you have plenty of bright, even light. Just be mindful that a higher ISO will also generate more image noise, and that your aperture will need to be tweaked to balance this out.


Not sure when to adjust ISO settings on your camera? Pay attention to the light metre of your camera and adjust your settings accordingly until your reading is in the middle of the meter.

Top Tip: A light meter reading of (+) means your image is overexposed and will be too bright, while a reading of (-) means it’s underexposed, and will be too dark.

5. White balance

This setting relates to the way your camera processes colours to remove colour casts and ensure that white objects actually appear as white in your stills or footage.

The “Auto” white balance camera setting should do the trick while you’re just starting out, but as your vlogging skills progress it’s a good idea to learn how to adjust white balance manually. This will give you the opportunity to customise the lighting and colours in your footage, and create videos with a signature “look” and feel.

The 5 Best Vlogging Camera Settings

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Good quality videos start with the right camera settings

Now that you know the best camera settings for YouTube videos, it’s time to get shooting. From food vlogs to travel vlogs and everything in between, the world of vlogging offers endless opportunities for you to develop your creativity and storytelling skills.

Looking for more vlogging tips to help you start a successful YouTube channel? Find vlogging tips and techniques and more on our blog today!

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