How to Start a Successful Vlog With Sony

26/08/2020 8:09 am

There's no question, vlogging and similar forms of content creation are some of the most popular forms of expression in the modern world. Whether your content is being created for educational purposes, as an accompaniment for a product or service you are selling, or purely for fun, having suitable equipment is as important as the information you are producing. 

When it comes to suitable camera equipment for vlogging, Sony is at the top of the class, with numerous high-end cameras and compatible accessories which make the job simpler while providing consistently great results. Here's how you can start vlogging with Sony.

Choosing a Sony camera for vlogging



As we spoke about in our blog on the best vlogging cameras, there are a few key features that a camera should have in order to be suitable for vlogging. They are as follows:


  • High-quality video recording (Full HD or higher)
  • Microphone input for attaching an external microphone
  • Tilting LCD screen for framing images while in front of the camera
  • Hot-shoe for attaching additional accessories
  • Lightweight and portable build


Below we have compiled our favourite Sony vlogging cameras and outlined why each should be given strong consideration as you start your vlogging adventure.

How to start a successful vlog with Sony
How to start a successful vlog with Sony


 Sleek and stylish, the Sony ZV-1 is the ideal compact camera for taking your content creation to the next level. Internally, it features a 20.1MP 1-inch CMOS sensor which is a vast improvement on that offered by smartphones and other compact cameras. The lens at the front features a versatile zoom range and has a fast maximum aperture for recording and shooting in varied lighting conditions.


4K resolution video can be recorded, while the built-in microphone of the camera is directional and includes a wind-shield to suit varied audio recording. If you require a higher quality of audio still, the ZV-1 features a microphone input and accessory shoe. A range of custom functions helps this camera shine in any situation, while to see it really come to life, pair it with the optional grip (see below).




The recently released Sony A7S Mark 3 is a long-awaited member of the premium range of full-frame Mirrorless cameras from Sony. It is part of a lineup of cameras that have supplied consumers with a more portable and travel-friendly option to DSLRs while providing a similar image quality. 


The A7s Mark 3 features 4K 120p video recording using the full image sensor, while there is no time limit to your recordings, so you can keep rolling until you get the perfect take. A fast AF system keeps up with subjects on the go, dual card slots are available for managing files, while RAW video files can be recorded externally thanks to the full-sized HDMI output.

How to start a successful vlog with Sony
How to start a successful vlog with Sony



If your budget doesn't allow for a full-frame Mirrorless camera at this stage, you can still harness a high-level of image quality and stunning ease of use with an APS-C model from Sony, such as the A6400.


The A6400 features 4K video recording with full pixel readout and a speedy hybrid AF system. The 180-degree flip-out screen is perfect for framing your work while you are in front of the camera, while the lack of time limit allows you greater flexibility and creativity when recording your videos.

Accessorising your Sony Camera for vlogging

As we mentioned in our top tips for vlogging, to really sell your content to potential viewers, you need to be seen and heard clearly. Even the most video-friendly camera requires help from some external accessories in order to consistently capture a high-level of content in a variety of situations. Here are some of our favourite accessories you should have in your vlogging kit.




Nothing turns viewers away quicker than blurry and bumpy footage. Tripods are the obvious choice for delivering sturdiness, but it can be limiting to your creativity, particularly if you are producing your content on the go. The Sony ZV-1 is compatible with the Sony GP-VPT2 Bluetooth grip, an accessory that provides a more comfortable and sturdy grip of your camera for exceptional handheld shooting. It is ideal for holding your camera at arm's length if you want to frame your selfies accurately, while it can also act as a mini tripod for increased stability. This grip can swiftly be changed between horizontal and vertical orientation, while it allows you to control important functions of the camera via Bluetooth. The Sony A6400 is compatible with a similar grip, the GP-VPT1.

How to start a successful vlog with Sony
How to start a successful vlog with Sony



Good quality video is not just reliant on visual aspects but also audio. As we touched on earlier, the range of vlogging-friendly cameras from Sony can be combined with external microphones easily, which makes it easy to attain audio that matches your video quality. Sony recently released the ECM-B1M microphone, a shotgun-style Microphone that can be attached to the accessory shoe of your Sony A7S Mark 3 camera to easily enhance its audio recording quality. The ECM-B1M is lightweight and compact, so great for all occasions, while its directional nature, mechanical noise-suppression, and low-cut filter allow you to record only voices or similar sound while cutting down on distracting background noise.


Another handy accessory for successful vlogging with Sony is the XLR adaptor and shotgun microphone kit, which not only features a microphone for instantly improving your sound quality but also opens the door to you using limitless pro-level microphones further on down the track.

Start your content creation adventure today

Whether you are looking for hints and tips on creating successful content, or you need a bit more help deciding on a tripod or external microphone to add to your kit, Ted’s Photography Blog is the right place. Stop by regularly and shop online today.


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