Sony APS-C Mirrorless Camera Roundup - 2024

6 February 2024

Mirrorless cameras have reached peak popularity, and it is very easy to see why. They provide similar image quality and usability to a DSLR camera, but in a size and weight that is not too far removed from an advanced compact camera. A few camera manufacturers are leading the way when producing Mirrorless cameras for beginners and enthusiasts, and none have had more success than Sony.

We previously outlined the models in Sony’s full-frame Mirrorless lineup, now we are here to find out what Sony Alpha to buy from the APS-C Mirrorless lineup. There's something for everyone, as we will soon find out.

Sony A6400

The Sony A6400 is a portable and lightweight body that packs a huge punch. Although small in stature, this camera still features an APS-C sensor inside it, which is one feature that places it a world in front of Smartphones and Compact cameras. The resolution of this sensor is 24.2MP, while to keep the camera versatile, the A6400 records video in 4K resolution. A microphone input allows you to attach an external microphone to this camera, so you can drastically improve its audio recording quality - this is great news for all lovers of video, particularly vloggers who will be interested in this lightweight camera.

The A6400 is a speedy camera, capable of 11 frames per second continuous shooting and a hybrid AF system that can focus in as little as 0.2 seconds. Although small, this camera is sturdy, with magnesium alloy used in the build and dust and moisture-resistant qualities. The camera features a 180-degree flip screen for filming and shooting at tricky angles, while you can also use the high-resolution EVF if you prefer the classic eye-level approach to photographic composition.

Top tip: If you are using the A6400 for content creation, consider purchasing the vlogging kit with camera and GPVPT2 remote grip, which provides a sturdier grip for filming and remote control abilities.

Sony A6700

The Sony A6700 is similar in appearance to other models within this APS-C range, but upon closer inspection, it is easy to see why it is the top-tier offering. This exciting camera borrows a few features from Sony's full-frame models, namely its powerful AI-based tracking system which detects the subjects within the frame and adjusts its performance accordingly. The A6700 includes a 26MP APS-C sensor and is capable of brilliant 4K120p video footage, downsampled from 6K for that winning edge. It can shoot at 11 frames per second in a continuous burst and it has a 759-point hybrid AF system, while crucially, 5-Axis image stabilisation is included to allow for free and creative handheld usage.

More than just a revamp, Sony has put a lot of thought into designing the A6700, with repositioned buttons and a dedicated dial for switching between stills, video, and slow & quick video modes being just some of the finer details that discerning enthusiasts will appreciate. Like its predecessor, this Sony Alpha with image stabilisation offers a powerful lithium battery, with resulting extended shooting times, as well as the portability of the camera, making it an ideal choice for travel photography.

Sony ZV-E10

While so many cameras offer 4K resolution video these days, Sony goes one step further with the ZV-E10. It over-samples, capturing way more data than any other to create outstanding 4K results. This allows for detailed images and videos that can be instantly edited to perfection on your smartphone, thanks to the imaging edge mobile app.

Sony’s hybrid AF system for keeping up with fast-paced subjects is a real treat, and its side-tilting touch-sensitive LCD screen helps users frame shots behind or in front of the lens, which is great for vloggers. A directional 3-capsule microphone is included in this Sony Alpha for video, plus headphone ports in the body of the Sony ZV-E10. With this camera’s built-in electronic stabilisation and ability to correct shakes and distractions in post-production, the potential for next-level content creation is endless.

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