Photography Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers, Travel Bugs & More

24/01/2020 2:09 pm

Does your girlfriend love hiking? Is your dad a massive foodie? Is your husband a total travel bug? If you’re looking for the best gifts for photographers with other specific interests, we’ve got you covered. Ted’s has a range of DSLRs, instant cameras, GoPros, and monopods to match a range of hobbies, from exploring the great outdoors to cooking and vlogging.

Check out our pick of the top photography gift ideas for the hobbyists in your life below:

Photography gift ideas for the travel bug:

The Lumix TZ90 is a portable, pocket-friendly digital camera perfect for anyone wanting to try their hand at travel photography. With a huge 30x optical zoom, you can capture every last detail with crystal clarity, whether you’re shooting ancient ruins or seaside vistas. 

The built-in image stabilisation means there’s no need to lug around a tripod: Your travel bug friend can travel light and still return home from their trip with high-quality stills and smooth 4K videos to share. The TZ90’s tilting touch-sensitive LCD screen makes it easy to capture selfies and group shots with ease, while the EVF makes composing images in bright lighting conditions like a Santorini beach or a Morrocan dessert easy.

Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers, Travel Bugs & Foodies
Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers, Travel Bugs & Foodies

Compact and lightweight, with a high-resolution 32MP APS-C sensor, the M6 Mark II will capture stunning travel photography with ease. Your jet-setting buddy will love the fast 14 FPS continuous shooting, which allows them to capture multiple images of each subject and choose the best one later on. 

The 4K 30p video recording will ensure no memorable moment goes unmissed, while a 3-inch articulating touch-LCD screen enables easy framing and spectacular selfies. The M6 Mark II also features a removable EVF, so the user can experience eye-level shooting when needed - or they can take it off for maximum portability when not in use. Whether it’s stills or videos, this camera is more than capable of going the extra mile on a travel adventure.

Photography gift ideas for the foodie:

Do you know someone who loves food almost as much as they love posting photos of food? Then don’t go past the Sony A6400. This mirrorless camera is great for videos and stills alike, with a high-quality APS-C format image sensor that’s excellent even in low light conditions like fancy candlelit dinners. 

Foodie vloggers will get plenty of use from the 4K resolution video, mic input, and 180-degree tilting LCD screen, all of which will ensure their latest videos and images turn out just as well as the dish itself!

Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers, Travel Bugs & Foodies

The ultra-lightweight and portable Cube Air is an ideal lighting accessory for lovers of food and content creators alike. Versatile and customisable, this handy gadget emits even high-quality light that illuminates and enhances the still and video quality of any camera.

A colour temperature of 5600k will ensure an attractive, natural-looking light quality, so your loved one can light up any dish they desire, anytime! The Cube Air can be mounted to a tripod or mini tripod for flexibility, while Bluetooth control makes snapping stunning suppers all the more easy.

Photography gift ideas for the hiker:

Lightweight and portable, hiking enthusiasts will love taking the SportStar EX on every outdoor adventure they tackle. A perfect addition to any adventure photographer’s bag, it’s also light enough to hang around their neck comfortably, and small enough to sit safely in their jacket pocket. 

Boasting a versatile viewing feature-set of 10x magnification and 25mm objective lenses, every mountain range and shining lake photograph will come out looking crisp and fresh. The protective rubber armour coating makes the Sportstar a tough, rugged model that’s well protected from bumps, and slip-free in rainy weather. It’s also water- and fog-proof - so there’s no need to rush for cover at the first sight of rain.

Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers, Travel Bugs & Foodies
Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers, Travel Bugs & Foodies

This compact and lightweight monopod is an ultra handy, versatile accessory that not only stabilises your camera, but can also be used for extra support while hiking, thanks to a non-slip rubber foot and comfortable soft rubber handle.

Though it folds down to a manageable 47cm, this monopod unfurls to a respectable 140cm for flexible shooting options. The 4KG max payload means that when it comes time to snap some images, this monopod can handle a huge range of photographic gear and provides great support for capturing sharper images.

If your loved one is a wildlife photography enthusiast, they’ll love this monopod, which also enables steadier, more comfortable shooting when using a long telephoto lens.

Photography gift ideas for the social butterfly:

Weighing only 200 grams, this portable printer is the perfect companion for any social butterfly. You can send photos from a smartphone to the Mini Link in an instant via Bluetooth - and connect up to 5 smartphones simultaneously! Using images from connected devices, the Mini Link prints quickly (in as little as 12 seconds) and can print up to 100 photos on a single charge. This is an incredibly cool, convenient way to create fun, spontaneous prints with family and friends at parties, picnics, pubs and more.

Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers, Travel Bugs & Foodies
Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers, Travel Bugs & Foodies

The RX100 Mark 7 is a high-quality digital compact camera that fits easily into the backpack or handbag of a busy social butterfly. With a 1-inch 20.1MP Exmor RS CMOS sensor and versatile 8x optical zoom lens tilting LCD screen, mic input and 4K resolution video, this is an ideal compact camera for anyone who loves vlogging. 

For best results on the go, this compact camera can even be paired with a specialised handheld grip. If the social butterfly in your life sees a future as a social media influencer, the RX100 Mark 7 is a great way for them to explore this avenue with a compact kit.

Photography gift ideas for the adventurer:

GoPro continues to lead the action cam market with the waterproof, pocket-friendly Hero 8 10m. The Hero 8 features improved image stabilisation that renders even the bumpiest of rides with incredible smoothness, all captured in 4K 60p video top-resolution.

Whether they’re white water rafting or snowboarding, users can enjoy playing back their fast-paced adventures in spectacular slow-motion with the 8x Slo-Mo feature. Additionally, the built-in mounting fingers of the Hero 8 mean using GoPro’s extensive accessory collection is now even easier.

Designed with an active user in mind, the GoPro Hero 8 can even be operated via voice control with 14 voice commands, making it ideal for situations where your hands are kept busy surfing, riding, or skiing. Users wanting to truly get the most out of the GoPro Hero 8 can also add the Media mod for additional external mics, LED lights, and an extra display for maximum results.

Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers, Travel Bugs & Foodies

This versatile telepod is designed to enhance the shooting capabilities of keen content creators, particularly vloggers.The Griptight mounts a range of devices weighing up to 1KG, including smartphones, tripods, and GoPros. 

Social media lovers can use this as a mini tripod or telescoping tripod, or as a comfortable hand grip for filming adventure selfies. The long reach helps you frame portraits with ease, as well as see over crowds and other obstacles to capture exciting scenes in crowded venues like concerts and sporting events. A Bluetooth remote is included in the box, giving your favourite social butterfly the ability to stop and start video recordings without fumbling with camera controls.

There’s something for everyone

A present is always better when it’s personal. The next time you need to pick a gift for your favourite photographer, consider choosing something that complements their other hobbies, whether this is hiking, vlogging, or cooking.

For expert advice and to shop our wide range of cameras and photography gear, head into your local Ted’s store. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, explore our round up of the best affordable photography accessories now!


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