Your Guide to Buying a Used Secondhand Camera

14 January 2024

It’s no secret that despite photography being a highly rewarding hobby, it can become quite expensive. The more you get into it, the more gear you need and it can really add up. It’s a relief to know that you do have the option to save money by giving secondhand cameras and gear new life. To do this with confidence, you simply need to know what to check when buying a used camera and secondhand camera equipment.

Here we’ll go through what to look for, some of the benefits of buying secondhand camera gear, and why Ted’s Secondhand is a safe choice when purchasing secondhand cameras and equipment. Build your photography gadget bag on a budget, without risk.

4 Tips for Choosing a Secondhand Camera Safely

Your Guide to Buying a Used Secondhand CameraYour Guide to Buying a Used Secondhand Camera

There’s nothing wrong with buying a pre-loved camera. Most cameras are built to last, but their value depreciates over time, meaning there’s always an opportunity to snap up a quality camera bargain. If you’re a newbie, the price difference could mean leaping from an entry-level DSLR to a more advanced camera much sooner. 

So, is it worth buying a secondhand camera? We wholeheartedly think so, especially if money is the issue and you’re a passionate photographer. When buying a used camera, shutter count can tell you a lot about how much life is left. Here’s a guide to buying secondhand camera equipment and used cameras:

1. Only buy used cameras or equipment with a warranty or return policy

Buying a secondhand electronic item is actually a low-risk purchase if it comes with either a warranty or a policy that allows you to return it if it’s faulty. The camera manufacturer’s warranty will no longer be valid if it’s an onward sale, but many secondhand dealers will offer a warranty period if something goes wrong during a time frame. So, you’ve got some peace of mind that it can be returned.

Your Guide to Buying a Used Secondhand CameraYour Guide to Buying a Used Secondhand Camera

2. Research the reputability of the seller

By looking into reviews, and feedback, and by doing a little background check, you can avoid buying from untrustworthy or dodgy parties. Don’t ever buy from sellers online who have zero reviews or feedback. Do the groundwork to avoid disappointments and not-so-nice technical surprises.

Your Guide to Buying a Used Secondhand CameraYour Guide to Buying a Used Secondhand Camera

3. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true

Wherever you’re purchasing from, if a camera or piece of photography equipment has an extremely low price tag, it’s possible that it’s a scam, it’s faulty, or not genuine. When you’ve decided on the camera you’d like, understand what the reasonable asking price is and that should steer you out of trouble. 

4. Ensure it comes with everything it needs

For starters, make sure it comes with the charger and battery to save you from making a heap of extra purchases from different sellers, which could become a rather pricey endeavour. If it’s a secondhand DSLR camera or mirrorless camera you’re purchasing, it’ll also need a lens that fits perfectly. With everything you need coming with the purchase, all you’ll have to do is charge up the battery and then you’ll be good to go.

Why Ted’s Secondhand Service is a Safe Choice

Ted’s Cameras’ secondhand section is a safe place to get your pre-loved camera equipment, and ticks all of the boxes above. Ted’s has over 50 years of experience in selling and reselling camera gear. Secondhand cameras and accessories are checked and tested thoroughly by the staff, and they all come with a 12-month warranty.

Ted’s also have a 14-day exchange policy on secondhand stock, just in case the camera or gear is not exactly what you were after. With so many stores dotted around the country, confidently buying secondhand photography gear is a breeze. Returning goods is also easy. Simply bring your return to the nearest Ted’s Cameras store and we’ll take care of it.

Your Guide to Buying a Used Secondhand CameraYour Guide to Buying a Used Secondhand Camera

Now that you know what to check when buying a used camera, it might be time to upgrade your camera or add some more equipment, without draining the bank account. Our staff are super knowledgeable, so they can help you when you’re deciding which camera is best for you. Browse our quality secondhand range, or pop in to speak with our helpful staff today.

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