The Advantages of Renting Camera Gear Before Buying

5 September 2019

Are you considering renting a camera, lens, or other photography equipment, but don’t know where to rent from - or if hiring is even a good idea to begin with?

Ever had your heart set on the best camera or lens on the market, but haven’t been ready to spend the amount of money required to own it? 

Perhaps you just want to test it out to see if it suits you, or compare a few models against each other. 

From saving money to trying out the latest photography equipment, here’s a guide to help you decide why hiring camera gear - or even choosing a rent to own option - might be perfect for you.

1. Renting reduces your costs

If you’re a professional photographer or even a serious enthusiast, you’ll know that the best cameras, lenses and photography gear doesn’t always come cheap.  Which is fine if photography is a passion you’re willing to invest in - but not everyone has that luxury. 

And for those who can afford to splash out on some top quality gear, there’s always going to be something new that catches your eye. Just when you think you have the perfect setup, you’ll hear about the latest cutting-edge Canon, or a faster lens, or a brand new drone model.

The Advantages of Renting Camera Gear Before BuyingThe Advantages of Renting Camera Gear Before Buying

Renting allows you to get your hands on big-ticket items and try out specialist gear and lenses, like tilt-shift and fisheye, without breaking the bank. This is an especially great option if the product is not something you’re planning to use too often - or even for students wanting to keep up with (or surpass) the rest of the class while keeping within budget.

2. You can try before you buy

The Advantages of Renting Camera Gear Before BuyingThe Advantages of Renting Camera Gear Before Buying

Renting gives you the ability to try out your dream photography equipment and test if it suits your style and needs. Once you know you like a piece of gear, you can make the investment and know you’re making the right choice. This is particularly important if you’re deciding which gear is the best fit for you. For example - as a DSLR user, you may want to experiment with making the switch to lighter mirrorless systems

Renting also gives you the chance to experiment with items that are a little out of your comfort or skill zone - like if you want to experiment with a wide-angle lens when you usually shoot portraits, or want to get your hands on a flashgun to experiment with artificial lighting.

3. You can grab some new gear for travel

If you’ve just booked a holiday, chances are you don’t have excessive cash left over for new camera gear - but don’t want to miss your chance to shoot some amazing travel photography. Don’t risk returning home with sub-par shots, get your hands on the latest gear!

Renting means to can take the best camera and lens on your once in a lifetime holiday, and capture every minute of it. A great option is to rent a travel-friendly kit that you might not usually use, such as a compact mirrorless camera or all-in-one zoom lens.

Another reason renting camera gear is excellent for travel purposes is that you can travel light and get gear shipped directly to your accommodation. This is a renting trick many photographers love, as it reduces not only luggage weight but removes a lot of the anxiety around lost luggage.

The Advantages of Renting Camera Gear Before BuyingThe Advantages of Renting Camera Gear Before Buying

4. You can rent to buy

The Advantages of Renting Camera Gear Before BuyingThe Advantages of Renting Camera Gear Before Buying

Know exactly what you want but can’t afford it right now? Then renting is for you. When you’re ready to upgrade your camera or lens, and have narrowed down your list of options, it can be a great idea to rent before buying. Renting helps ensure the gear suits your preferences before you fork out a larger sum of money to keep it. 

Use your rent-to-own period to test out your gear in a range of scenarios, as well as doing the work you’re planning to use it for. This will give you the chance to test the gear in a range of lighting, subjects, and environments, as well as to get a feel for what it’s like to carry it around with you all day.

You’ll have the opportunity to buy at any time during the rental period - but don’t waste time using gear you are not satisfied with - start using your ultimate kit today!

5. Renting can accelerate your business growth

Just starting out in professional photography? While the success of your photography business does not just rest on your gear - having gear of a certain standard is required, and will help you get the style and quality of work you need to impress your audience and grow your client list.

Renting gear to a higher standard allows you to make the best possible work, which equates to satisfied customers and more work - all while benefiting from the cost savings that renting provides.

The Advantages of Renting Camera Gear Before BuyingThe Advantages of Renting Camera Gear Before Buying

Now you know the benefits of renting, what’s next?

Now that you’ve seen all the benefits of renting, it makes sense to give it a go.  What have you got to lose? For gear inspiration, take a look at our guide to the Best Digital Cameras or How to Choose the Best Lens.  

At Ted’s, we’ve partnered with the outstanding Studio19 - so you can actually rent with us! With low monthly payments and maintenance and repairs included, our rental plan has placed dream products in the hands of well over 250,000 happy customers Australia-wide. 

For more information, check out our rental page or visit your local Ted’s store for advice!

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