The Best Digital Cameras for Photography in 2021

7/12/2020 1:39 pm

Now that digital photography has been around for a while, there are several distinct branches that are well developed, with varying models and price points in each. Where does one begin when choosing the best digital camera? Hopefully, this overview of the best digital cameras for photography can shed some light on this for you.

Best Digital Cameras for Photography in 2019

Best Compact Digital Cameras

Thanks to smartphones and their increasingly capable built-in cameras, the popularity of compact digital cameras has declined somewhat in recent years. That being said, some compact digital cameras remain the best choice for photographers with a particular style or skill level.

Looking for a digital camera for kids? Due to their pocket-friendly size and ease of operation, compact digital cameras are still the best first camera for kids. Canon IXUS cameras are a good fit for children, as are underwater digital cameras.

Affordable, durable, and easy to use, waterproof cameras are the ideal option for children and adventurous beginners of any age. A good underwater camera will have you diving to the depths of the ocean and soaking in the sights with confidence, all without a care for the wellbeing of your compact digital camera.

The Best Digital Cameras for Photography - 2020
The Best Digital Cameras for Photography - 2020

A compact digital camera is also your best bet if you’re heading abroad and are looking for something versatile and portable. Ted’s stocks a number of travel-friendly compact cameras, all of which share features like easy-to-use controls, versatile zoom ranges, and easy portability. Travelling can get expensive, so if you’re attempting to save a little spending money for your trip, we recommend exploring our edit of the best cameras under $500.

In recent years, the compact digital camera market has branched off into several unique sub-sections, including retro-themed instant photography. The best instant camera is one that invokes the past but still has an eye on modern functionality. For models that strike the perfect balance, Polaroid or Fuji instant cameras are our pick.

If you’re hunting for the best point and shoot digital camera, an advanced compact digital camera may be right for you. Whether you’re a budding enthusiast or a fully-fledged pro, a small digital camera is an excellent addition to any photography tool kit. Recent additions at this level also have everything needed for the best vlogging and live streaming. With everything from full frame compact cameras to Fujifilm digital cameras, the Ted’s Cameras range of advanced compact cameras truly includes something for every type of photographer.

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Best Mirrorless Digital Cameras

Digital mirrorless cameras have taken the photography world by storm, and are popular for their ability to rival the quality of DSLR cameras but in a more portable package. As with every other segment of the market, these cameras are available at different price points and in different sizes, from entry-level compact mirrorless cameras to professional level medium format digital cameras.


Mirrorless cameras have plenty in common with both compact digital cameras and DSLR cameras, depending on the model and budget. The most basic mirrorless model will often lack more advanced manual features in favour of a user-friendly point and shoot interface. In 2021, most of these models have an emphasis on connectivity. These digital cameras with WiFi, Bluetooth, or similar are hugely popular for easily taking high-quality photos and videos on the go and sharing them with favoured social media platforms on the fly.

Best Digital Cameras for Photography in 2019

Interested in filmmaking? With portability on their side, as well as a select range of features and compatibility with accessories, Mirrorless cameras are fast becoming the chosen tool of videographers of varying skill levels.

The Best Digital Cameras for Photography - 2020

Entry-level mirrorless cameras, however, mimic the controls and user interfaces of DSLR cameras, albeit in smaller packages that are great for travel and day-to-day life. Olympus OM-D cameras are especially popular in this market segment, with a design and characteristics that harken back to the company's OM range of 35mm cameras.

Higher-end mirrorless cameras are designed with spectacular image sensors capable of seeking out every little detail in a scene, from the brightest highlight to the darkest shadow. These qualities make this end of the market the best place to look for the best digital camera for night photography. Exciting new high-end formats from both Canon and Nikon come with a growing lineup of premium quality lenses to make the most of their newly designed cameras, while Sony has been the bar-setter in this full-frame segment with their Alpha range of cameras. This is an exciting time to be actively searching for a mirrorless camera to call your own.

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Best Digital SLR Cameras

In the past, digital SLR cameras were seen as purely the domain of professionals, with the idea of a beginner’s DSLR seeming almost laughable. While our DSLR camera range is still the right place to search for the best camera for professional photography, it’s also a great place to find the best cameras for photography beginners.

We offer the best deals on digital SLR cameras, with competitive pricing on all models from the best budget DSLR cameras to full-frame professional bodies. The battle for the best digital SLR cameras is constantly raging, with models from Canon and Nikon remaining particularly popular amongst photographers of all ability levels.

The Best Digital Cameras for Photography - 2020

Some keen photographers are still shooting with film and are keen to purchase their first digital camera. Why not start at the top with a digital SLR? Digital SLR cameras still carry the hallmarks of 35mm SLR cameras of old, down to their leaning towards manual functionality, their optical viewfinders, and their ability to produce high-quality images under all types of shooting constraints. In 2021, DSLRs also feature the latest in modern functionality, including large and vibrant screens to review your shots, the ability to store countless images on high-capacity memory cards, and, often, built-in WiFi connectivity. In short, they allow very little downtime between capturing the perfect shot and sharing it on your favourite platform.

The Best Digital Cameras for Photography - 2020

If you have a future professional photographer at home, consider starting them out on the right path and take a look at our selection of DSLR kids cameras. These cameras are great for beginners, as they provide you with plenty of room to grow as you learn. You can start out shooting in fully automated modes, and move on to utilising more manual control as you become more confident in your photography skills.


Heading overseas? Don't be put off by the perceived bulk of DSLR cameras, and consider browsing our selection of more compact models to find the best DSLR camera for travel. When you hold your DSLR camera in your hand for the first time, you might just be surprised at how comfortable it feels and how intuitive the controls are, and when you upload your first set of pictures from your new camera, we ‘re sure you’ll be happy you made the jump. The only question you will have for yourself is, what took me so long?

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A good camera can enhance your photography skills

Photography is like any other hobby: You’ll get the best results when your tools match your needs and abilities perfectly.

This year, find the digital camera that complements your photography style by dropping into your nearest Ted’s Cameras store or shopping online now!

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