5 Reasons Every Filmmaker Needs an Action Camera

25 June 2021

Every vlogger and filmmaker needs a kit they can rely on, and in the modern age we’re absolutely spoiled for choice! Along with accessories like gimbals to make your videos look more professional, you’re free to use the video feature on a wide range of devices. Think smartphones, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

But if you’re serious about producing the most cinematic footage, we recommend adding a rugged action camera to your collection. Here are 5 reasons why you’ll want a travel action camera on hand to capture your next adventure.

#1 They’re the best option for POV shots

One of the hallmarks of action photography is taking your audience with you! The GoPro Hero lineup and other popular models are compatible with a huge variety of accessories and mounts. Thanks to this adaptability, they’re the best choice for capturing POV videos and vlogs.

The POV style is perfect for shooting walk-around, travel vlogs as well as exhilarating extreme sports, such as skiing, surfing and cycling. Since action cameras can be worn or mounted to any number of points, you can go hands-free and bring your audience along for the ride.

Ted’s top pick: For unparalleled POV shots, it’s worth looking at the GoPro Hero 9. It features both front and rear-facing screens, so you can always see what’s happening in front of the lens. Plus, it follows simple voice commands, which means you can start recording even if your hands are busy.

#2 They’re tough and durable

5 Reasons Every Filmmaker Needs an Action Camera5 Reasons Every Filmmaker Needs an Action Camera

In other words, they can handle any action you throw at them. Action cameras are tough, durable and designed to withstand spills, shocks and splashes. Most models are also waterproof up to 10 metres, so you can take close-up shots of the surf or marine line without having to worry about water damage. And if you want to push the limits and venture even further underwater, you can purchase a dedicated housing to protect your waterproof action camera. To compare, you wouldn’t even be able to dip your mirrorless camera under the water without a housing, while action cameras were made to capture those shots.

As a filmmaker, you might not always know where your shoot is going to take you, and an action cam is ready for anything.

#3 They’re incredibly compact

If you haven’t seen an action camera before, you might be surprised at just how small they are. Because they were designed to be used on the go, action cameras are portable and discreet, without the protruding lenses you’ll find on other filmmaking cameras. Though the small action camera size limits your field of view, this is a compromise most vloggers and filmmakers are willing to make.

On a practical level, using a smaller and lighter camera is ideal for adventurous days where you’re walking, hiking or exerting a lot of effort. It won’t weigh you down, so you might find you can shoot for longer periods of time. An action camera is also a great option if you don’t want to bring unwanted attention to yourself while you’re travelling. Unfortunately, many photographers travel to all corners of the world, constantly worrying about someone stealing expensive camera gear like tripods and DSLRs. That’s a problem you can avoid with a compact action camera that fits in your pocket!

5 Reasons Every Filmmaker Needs an Action Camera5 Reasons Every Filmmaker Needs an Action Camera

#4 They can be paired with action camera accessories

5 Reasons Every Filmmaker Needs an Action Camera5 Reasons Every Filmmaker Needs an Action Camera

Mounts and stands aside, there are a few other accessories you can invest in to get the most out of your action camera as a filming device. For example, external microphones can capture better audio, while portable lighting devices can professionally light up your scene, even if you’re working in dim conditions.

In some cases, you’ll need to buy another item to be able to use those accessories, such as a microphone adaptor for the DJI Osmo Action, or the Media Mod for the GoPro Hero 8 and Hero 9. These are one-off purchases, and once you have the setup in place, you can choose powerful and portable accessories for your action camera and start producing high-quality films.

#5 They have excellent video qualities

Action cameras may be small enough to fit into your pocket, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to their video recording quality. The best action cameras can produce 4K resolution video, so you can return home from your adventures knowing you captured crisp, clean footage. It also means you can seamlessly blend any footage shot on your action camera 4K with your larger and more expensive filmmaking equipment. 

That’s not all. Since action cameras from DJI and GoPro are designed for adventure, they’re also equipped with advanced electronic stabilisation systems. So, you can bet on ending up with smooth, steady footage from your handheld videos.

Finally, action cameras have the modern functionality to produce a film from start to finish. For example, you could turn on slow-motion mode to create a dramatic effect, use a compatible app to edit and piece together your shots, then share your video to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with the help of built-in WiFi connectivity!

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For vloggers and filmmakers, the goal is to capture the feeling behind the action. With their portability and ability to capture crisp, blur-free footage, an action camera is the best tool to have in your kit. 

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