10 Tools To Improve Your Travel Photography

8 August 2018

You may think your kit is full to the brim, but if you have any more space you may want to consider checking it against this guide. Here are 10 tools which will make your travel photography remarkably easier.

10 Tools To Improve Your Travel Photography10 Tools To Improve Your Travel Photography

1. Tripod

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with our tripod. There’s no denying, it can get tiring carrying your tripod around for a long day of travel, but you can’t count on one hand the number of pictures taken that wouldn’t have been possible without its support.

For those of us wanting to keep things as light as possible, you can consider purchasing a mini tripod, such as the Manfrotto Pixi Mini or Joby Gorillapod range.

For the travelling shooter that desires the utmost precision and finesse from their tripod, there is the option of purchasing a lighter full-sized tripod, like the Manfrotto Befree Carbon Travel tripod, which despite it’s weight of just 1.1Kg can hold a remarkable 4Kg.

10 Tools To Improve Your Travel Photography10 Tools To Improve Your Travel Photography

2. Quality camera straps

Plenty of photographers never consider changing the strap that came with their camera, but it can be done and for a few good reasons. Not having the brand of your camera brandished in heavy bright lettering is a deterrent for potential thieves.

There is also the ability for you to find a strap that is more suitable to you and your way of shooting. A good example are the Blackrapid Straps which drape across your body positioning your camera at your side ready to fire, and features a comfortable padded shoulder strap.

10 Tools To Improve Your Travel Photography10 Tools To Improve Your Travel Photography

3. A gadget bag to hold it all in

Choosing the right camera bag is often a painstaking and laborious task, with most of us being on a never-ending search for the bag that is perfect for us. For travel purposes, many people veer towards a sling-style bag, attracted by their versatility, their comfortable cross-body wearing and their easy access to gear. Two popular sling bags are the Peak Design Everyday Sling bag, and the Lowepro Passport Sling III. Those with lots of gear to cart around may want to go down the backpack route. A good option if this is the case is the wonderful Lowepro Classic BP300AW Backpack, while the Lowepro Highline BP300AW is perfect for those with extra personal items, such as clothing, to carry.

4. Filters

An extensive set of filters can really help you get the most out of your landscape and develop yourself as a master of your art. Some key filters to have in your travel kit are ND filters, UV filters and Circular Polariser filters, which can improve contrast and colour saturation in your images.

5. LED flashlight

With many LED flashlights small enough to connect to your key chain or slip into your jacket pocket, such as this Korjo option, it is easier than ever to safely make your way around in dark and unfamiliar conditions while you are abroad.

6. Rain/weather protection

Many of the gadget bags that we pointed out earlier come with built-in all weather covers which protect your gear in the case of unexpected rainfall. It is important to put a plan in place so you don’t get caught short in such an event, with some items to consider stashing away being this Korjo raincoat, and waterproof phone pouch.

7. Electrical Tape

You’ll know from general life experience, a roll of electrical or gaffer tape can produce a temporary fix for all manner problems. This wisdom extends to the road, with the ability for a quick and easy repair heightened by this scenario. Loose battery doors, frayed backpack straps, the list of potential problems that you can quickly solve is limitless, with many travel photographers even resorting to using electrical tape to disguise and protect expensive equipment.

10 Tools To Improve Your Travel Photography10 Tools To Improve Your Travel Photography
10 Tools To Improve Your Travel Photography10 Tools To Improve Your Travel Photography

8. Multiport USB charger/Travel adaptor

Depending on where you are travelling, you will need to buy a travel adaptor if you wish to continue using your electronic devices. It is also a good idea to purchase a multiport USB charger of some sort, to travel light yet still keep all of your digital devices up and running. There are many options available, with an example being this Korjo USB charger which ticks both boxes, featuring 4 different plugs to adapt to various countries, as well as the ability to connect and charge up to 4 different devices simultaneously.

9. Screwdriver Kit

As above, many unforeseen issues can arise while travelling and the need to repair them cheaply and quickly is huge. A small jeweller's screwdriver kit is easy to come across and can help you out of many possible jams, and they are so small in stature they won’t take up the place of other more important gear.

10. Portable Hard Drive

With file sizes getting larger, you will find yourself quickly filling up all of your spare memory cards in no time. Unreliable internet as you travel makes it tricky for you to regularly upload your files to the cloud, so it is a good idea to pack a portable hard drive that you can store your files on, freeing up space so you can continue acquiring happy snaps.

SSD technology is generally safer than HHDs, as there are less moving parts which reduces the risk of damage and potential heart-ache.

10 Tools To Improve Your Travel Photography10 Tools To Improve Your Travel Photography

Jet-setting across the globe requires plenty of planning, so we hope these tips make it a little easier for you to get ready and packed, at least from a photographic standpoint :-)

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