Top 5 SmartPhone Photography App's

7/07/2018 1:31 PM

It is hard to comprehend just how far smartphones have come, in terms of their impact on photography.

Mobile photography is no longer just to be considered as a tool for sharing snaps of your lunch or your pets to social media, but as a viable option for professional photographers to quickly and easily add to their portfolio.

When you take into account the portability of the modern smartphone, its quality, and the speed and ease of sharing, it isn’t very difficult to see the appeal. As a result of this booming popularity, there are plenty of full-featured editing apps available for iPhone and Android.

To help you improve your mobile photography, we have detailed some of these available apps below.

Snapseed: iPhone & Android


Snapseed is a hugely popular editing app both for beginners and more advanced users.

Anyone familiar with Photoshop’s layers will appreciate the “Stacks” feature of Snapseed, which saves all of the edits that you make, with the option to go back to adjust any specific one later on if need be.

Snapseed features a user-friendly minimalistic design and it is perfect for both small retouches, and larger more significant ones, such as straightening, cropping and applying filters. Another handy feature of this app is the ability to compare your edited version with the original photo with a simple tap.

VSCO: iPhone & Android


One of the most popular and indeed best editing apps available for Android and iOS, VSCO is a direct competitor to the uber-popular Instagram.

VSCO however, features a better toolset than Instagram, as well as excellent presets, a smooth and intuitive interface, and a blossoming community.

You can also capture your photos from within the app, so you don’t need to use your camera app separately and then import them.

Camera+ 2: iPhone Only

Camera+ 2

Thanks to a host of advanced features, Camera+ has long been a favourite editing app for many smartphone-wielding photographer. Now with the release of camera+ 2, things have only gotten better!

Some of these features that are worth mentioning are a self-timer, built-in image stabilisation and a flashlight function, which awards users discretion by avoiding the use of flash.

Uniquely, Camera+ lets you place filters on top of other filters, adjusting the strength of each to create a distinctive look for each image.

Facetune: iPhone & Android


For you selfie lovers, this is the one must-have app on this list.

Facetune is geared towards editing faces, particularly when photographed close-up, which means blemishes don’t stand a chance. You can even apply a touch of digital makeup if you don’t have time to apply before the shoot.

Slow Shutter Cam: iPhone Only

Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam is a great app for those that are used to shooting with an SLR and are looking to introduce some of the same types of characteristics to their smartphone photography.

Specifically geared towards lovers of slow shutter speed effects, this app encourages you to explore with motion blur, light trails and more.

The relatively new world of the mobile photographer is fresh and exciting, with the possibilities already being limitless.

For everything your phone lacks in image quality when compared to your real camera, it makes up for with the availability of numerous innovative apps that are waiting to be explored and implemented to your advantage.

As is the nature of digital photography, the capture of the image is just the beginning, with the editing process being the key to unleashing the whole story. We hope that you have found the app or apps that makes this possible with your photography.


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