Top 5 SmartPhone Photography App's in 2021

16/04/2020 6:12 am

It is hard to comprehend just how far smartphones have come, in terms of their impact on photography.

Mobile photography is no longer just to be considered as a tool for sharing snaps of your lunch or your pets to social media, but as a viable option for professional photographers to quickly and easily add to their portfolio.

When you take into account the portability of the modern smartphone, its quality, and the speed and ease of sharing, it isn’t very difficult to see the appeal. As a result of this booming popularity, there are plenty of full-featured editing apps available for iPhone and Android.

To help you improve your mobile photography, we have detailed some of these available apps below.




How could we go past the one camera-related app that almost everyone downloads as soon as they take their new phone out of the box? The most popular photo and video sharing app in modern times, without question, Instagram is also most people’s current choice for favourite social media platform.

While many professional photographers will turn up their nose at applying a pre-programmed filter to one of their well-composed images, Instagram has an undeniable place to photographers of all levels. Instagram is the first port of call for anyone who wants to view your work, so if you have a photography business, you must have an account with some of your finest examples on show.

Top 5 SmartPhone Photography Apps




One of the most popular and indeed best editing apps available for Android and iOS, VSCO is a direct competitor to the uber-popular Instagram.

VSCO however, features a better toolset than Instagram, as well as excellent presets, a smooth and intuitive interface, and a blossoming community. It has a solid following of film-lovers who are using their digital-based Smartphones only out of necessity, but still look upon the analogue days fondly.

You can also capture your photos from within the app, so you don’t need to use your camera app separately and then import them.

Camera+ 2

Thanks to a host of advanced features, Camera+ has long been a favourite editing app for many smartphone-wielding photographer. Now with the release of camera+ 2, things have only gotten better!

Some of these features that are worth mentioning are a self-timer, built-in image stabilisation and a flashlight function, which awards users discretion by avoiding the use of flash.

Uniquely, the iOS only Camera+ lets you place filters on top of other filters, adjusting the strength of each to create a distinctive look for each image.

Camera+ 2

Adobe Lightroom

Top 5 SmartPhone Photography Apps

Adobe Lightroom is one of our favourite photo-editing tools full stop but the fact that it is now so useful for mobile photography increases our love for it. With Adobe Lightroom you can enhance your editing experience and skill level both for images captured on your smartphone and your other work captured on your DSLR or Mirrorless camera.


Although most of your serious editing should be done on a colour-calibrated monitor, Lightroom Mobile can be used to develop photos while you are on the go. You can take the opportunity to make global or batch adjustments to your work, while you are on your lunch break or on the train, with a plan to fine-tune your edits when you are back at your computer.

From a mobile photography viewpoint, Lightroom allows you to treat your work captured on your phone with the same finesse as the work from your stand-alone camera. You can also set up Lightroom to automatically import photos taken on your phone, which will be available when you log into Lightroom on your computer - which is a solid backup plan for your work.

Camera FV-5

Top 5 SmartPhone Photography Apps

Available for Android, Camera FV-5 is perfect for those that want to experience a DSLR-level of camera control with their smartphone. Think of any major camera setting that you adjust on your camera, such as ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, and it can be adjusted in Camera FV-5, which is essential if you wish to create a truly unique and inspired body of work with your phone.

Camera FV-5 features some advanced settings that allow you to take long exposures and time-lapse videos, so don’t forget  to come prepared with your mini-tripods! While the free version of this app does a got job, it is worth considering the paid version if you want to use your camera’s highest resolutions or RAW files.

The relatively new world of the mobile photographer is fresh and exciting, with the possibilities already being limitless.

For everything your phone lacks in image quality when compared to your real camera, it makes up for with the availability of numerous innovative apps that are waiting to be explored and implemented to your advantage.

As is the nature of digital photography, the capture of the image is just the beginning, with the editing process being the key to unleashing the whole story. We hope that you have found the app or apps that make this possible with your photography.


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