Panasonic GX85 Review

4 July 2017

With the Lumix GX85, Panasonic has continued what seems to be a bit of a trend for them recently, of making an offer that is very difficult to refuse.

With the stock 12-32mm lens the mirrorless GX85 is definitely compact, but it's just hard to see where you're making sacrifices for such a small size. Well, there's a hot shoe on top for attaching an external flash, or video light, or microphone so maybe they had to ditch the built-in flash? Nope, that's still here, and it's not like they've removed much in the way of controls either. We still find 2 control wheels for easy access to shutter speed and aperture control, as well as plenty of programmable custom function buttons. The LCD screen tilts both up and down, so you can take photos at high or low angles with minimal effort. If you can't see the screen because of glare from the sun they've still managed to cram a 2.7 megapixel EVF in the top corner.

And all this is just the bits we can see. On the inside, we find the Dual Image Stabilizer system - or technically speaking half of it - as it refers to the 3-axis stabilised image sensor working alongside the optical stabiliser in the lens to keep your photos super steady. Unlike most other cameras currently at this price point, the GX85 incorporates 4K Ultra High Definition video, which is pretty much a staple in Panasonic's range of cameras now. Aside from the extra video resolution, this comes along with Panasonic's handy 4K photo modes which make it really easy to capture action shots, and the more recent Post Focus mode so you can shoot first and choose your focus point later.

So with it's Intelligent Auto mode, we can see that the GX85 is great as a compact point and shoot style camera for someone wanting a step up in image quality without adding too much bulk or complexity, while also offering plenty of control and a good range of affordable lenses for those looking to get creative.

Note: The Panasonic Lumix GX85 has now been discontinued. Current alternatives can be found below.

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