Choosing a Digital Camera for Better Selfies

19 April 2022

In recent times we have all increased the number of selfies that we take. Frankly, most of us would be embarrassed if a stranger saw that our camera roll has just as many photos of ourselves as it does our feathered and furred friends. 

If you love the confidence that comes with a well-captured selfie, there's no shame in that! Here are some tips to help you select a camera that will help you feel and look your best with more consistency.

Choose a camera with a tilting LCD screen

Tilting LCD screens are not just brilliant for holding your camera comfortably in your hand for vlogging purposes and for taking photos at tricky and interesting angles, they are also the best option for getting a better POV shot.

As you can clearly see what your camera will capture on screen, you can make any adjustments to framing and even carefully consider your compositions before you fire the shutter. This means better shots with minimal effort and no guesswork.

Choosing a Digital Camera for Better SelfiesChoosing a Digital Camera for Better Selfies

Don't use a camera that is too heavy

Choosing a Digital Camera for Better SelfiesChoosing a Digital Camera for Better Selfies

This one is being put out there for the benefit of your comfort. Taking a selfie often requires holding your camera at arm's length, which quickly becomes tiresome if you are using heavy camera equipment. A lightweight camera, such as an advanced compact camera or a mirrorless option is a reliable choice if you need something that is lightweight and manageable but still enough of an upgrade in quality compared to your smartphone camera.

Lighter and more portable gear is also less likely to be left behind at home, so you can start producing high-end selfies as you travel or go about town, not just in the comfort of your bathroom.

Top tip: Lighter camera gear is easier to manage in conjunction with portable support devices, such as selfie sticks, which should definitely be added to your kit if you are looking for the best angle for your selfies.

Use a lens with a fast maximum aperture

Lenses with fast maximum apertures are the best for capturing selfies with shallow depths of field, which means more bokeh. If you want to capture this attractive look, which can be identified by blurry, featureless backgrounds, an aperture of f1.8 or larger is best. You can learn more about aperture and its effect on depth of field here.

Another consideration when it comes to lens choice is focal length. To save you from having too tight a crop we suggest using a wide-angle lens but not too wide, as this can distort your image for unflattering results. If your selfie camera search finds you in the mirrorless camera segment, you will easily be able to find a great selfie lens to match, while compact cameras will require you to pay attention to the lens specifications before you decide.

Choosing a Digital Camera for Better SelfiesChoosing a Digital Camera for Better Selfies

Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity comes in handy

Choosing a Digital Camera for Better SelfiesChoosing a Digital Camera for Better Selfies

While not a necessity, having remote control of your camera can be extremely useful, particularly if you want to be more creative and artistic with your selfies. While this once required a dedicated remote control, this can now often be done via Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity and a dedicated app.

Once you have your pose and framing perfected, this remote connection can be used to quickly fire your shutter before anything changes. This is far superior to the other approach of activating your camera's self-timer and then scrambling to get into position. Obviously, for best results you will want to keep your hands as free as possible, so make sure you also check out our range of tripods before you start shooting.

Take a look at some of our favourite selfie cameras

Now that you have a suitable digital camera you can start perfecting the modern art that is the selfie. Ted's blog is always here to help with everything from gear advice, to tips for capturing better self portraits. If you want to discuss the cameras mentioned in this article please feel free to head into your local Ted's store today.

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