The Best Slow Motion Cameras & How To Shoot Slow Mo

10 January 2022

Slow motion videos make instant movie magic. If you’ve ever watched a Hollywood action movie, you’d be familiar with the cinematic impact harnessed by a slow mo scene. But did you know that you can create slow motion videos that hold the same power as a big-time director? With the right camera and a bit of knowledge, it’s completely possible. 

So, let’s discuss how to make a slow motion video, and what some of the best slow motion compact camera options are out there for all skill levels, from aspiring filmmakers to professionals. At Ted’s Cameras, we have a terrific range of video cameras for slow motion video lovers.

What exactly is slow motion?

Put simply, slow motion video is footage that is played back at a slower speed than what it’s been recorded at. As a result, viewers are able to take in more detail and experience more suspense as they witness the action unfold at a speed slower than in real-time. Viewers can hone in on details for longer, so slow mo videos are generally quite dramatic, and therefore a great tool for movie makers.

The Best Slow Motion Cameras & How To Shoot Slow MoThe Best Slow Motion Cameras & How To Shoot Slow Mo

How to shoot slow motion videos

The Best Slow Motion Cameras & How To Shoot Slow MoThe Best Slow Motion Cameras & How To Shoot Slow Mo

When you’re adjusting your camera to shoot video, you’re presented with some key settings. The main setting we think of when discussing high-quality footage is resolution, but one setting that’s equally important for slow motion videos is frame rate.

Slow motion frame rate know-how is crucial for videographers who want to produce seamless video content. So, what does frame rate mean exactly? Video footage is actually made up of a number of still images that are recorded and played back at a quick speed, so quick, you’d never know that it’s a series of images. These still images are called ‘frames’, so the ‘frame rate’ is the number of frames the camera will capture in one second of video footage.

Video footage is usually recorded at 24 or 30 frames per second, which is great when played back in real-time, but if you were to use these settings for slow motion video, the results of a 30fps slow motion video would be far from continuous, instead, clunky and distracting.

If you’re wondering how to make slow motion smooth, it’s as simple as using double or even triple the number of frames. The minimum frame rate of slow motion video is 60fps, with 120fps and 240fps also being very popular choices for slow mo.

Just keep in mind that these higher frame rates can be used to create slower, even more dramatic videos, but using a higher frame rate may mean settling for a lower resolution video file.

Our tips for making better slow motion videos

  • Find the right slow motion camera. Some cameras can produce slow motion video on their own, others simply offer a higher frame rate. Research this before making your purchase, because if your camera doesn’t have in-camera slow-mo, you’ll need to look into video editing software to create your masterpiece
  • Adjust your shutter speed manually. If your camera provides manual function options, you’re in luck! First-time slow motion recorders often encounter unexpected effects after using an auto function. The solution to the problem is to manually change the settings so that the shutter speed is double your frame rate. For example, if you are shooting at 60fps, use a shutter speed of 120th of a second.
The Best Slow Motion Cameras & How To Shoot Slow MoThe Best Slow Motion Cameras & How To Shoot Slow Mo

The best digital cameras for slow motion videos

The best slow motion cameras can record at a high frame rate, still with a decent resolution of at least 4K. Certain models make your job easier by including a slow motion mode, which will automatically record and output your work as a slow motion file. While with others, you will just need to record using the higher frame rate available and slow the footage down later using video editing software.

Here are some of our best picks of digital cameras for slow motion videos:

  • The GoPro Hero 10 is an exciting entry-point to the slow-mo world, as it can record 5.3K 60fps, as well as 2.7K 240fps video.
  • A camera that’s especially capable of capturing seamless and steady footage is the DJI Action 2. It can record 4K footage in 120fps, as well as produce slow motion video, in-camera.
  • With 4K video, the Canon EOS 90D can produce Full HD footage in slow motion, suitable for 60fps and 120fps video.
  • A vlogging-friendly camera that can produce Full HD footage at 120fps, the Canon Powershot G7X Mark III has 4K resolution video recording and is super compact, making it a good option for those on the go wanting sharp results.
  • The Sony A7S III is a full-frame Sony Mirrorless camera that’s a favourite among video enthusiasts. With features such as 4K 120fps video recording, it’s easy to see why.

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