Ilford Galerie

Sydney - Ted's World Of Imaging - Ilford GallerieSydney - Ted's World Of Imaging - Ilford Gallerie

A state of the art photographic printing and exhibition space, in the heart of Sydney.

The photographer’s gallery space is one of the things that truly makes Ted’s World of Imaging unique. All work featured in the photographer’s gallery is printed in house using the Canon Pro4000 on quality Ilford stock with each of the 12 A1 images framed by Profile.

There’s always something on, from work by known photographers, by our Ted’s Masters, Ambassadors or by our customers. If photography is a journey, then our gallery is a part of that. To inspire you, to enable you to enjoy the journeys of others and to start or continue your own.

The gallery features:

  • State of the art fine art printing and exhibition space
  • Showcasing works from leading camera brands and photographers
  • Using the Canon Pro 4000 – prints up to 44" wide using 12 colours
  • Printed on Premium Ilford Galerie Photo Papers
  • Finished with framing solutions via Profile Australia

Recent Exhibitions

Canon Master: Phil Hillyard – Beyond the Boundary

Thursday 4th July to Wednesday 31st July 2019

Together with Canon, join us as we welcome Phil Hillyard to Ted's World of Imaging!

Phil Hillyard began his career as a copy boy with the Adelaide News gaining a cadetship as a photographer eight months later in 1989. After it's closure in 1992 he freelanced for a couple of years before accepting a staff position on the Adelaide Advertiser working there as a news photographer and moving over to sport in 1996.

He transferred to the Daily Telegraph in 1998 and is currently working there as a senior sports photographer. He has spent many years travelling with the Australian Cricket team and has covered tours in India, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the West Indies. He has covered five consecutive Olympic Games, two Commonwealth Games, countless AFL and NRL matches, soccer in South America and the Boxing Day Tsunami in Sri Lanka. He has won many national and international awards for his work including nine Walkley Awards. He was twice been named Australian Press Photographer of the Year in 2001 and 2011.

His latest exhibition displays a selection of his photographic highlights from the past 30 years.

Ewen Bell's - "Ngoma Kama Chozi (Dance Like A Sunbird)"

Monday 20th May to Wednesday 5 June 2019

Ewen Bell's exhibition Ngoma Kama Chozi (Dance Like A Sunbird) will be showcased in the Ilford Galerie space in Ted's World of Imaging from Tuesday 21st May - Wednesday 5th June. 

This exhibition is a collection of 12 images of birds in Kenya, ranging from the elegant and revered Grey Crowned Crane, to the diminutive Speckle-fronted Weaverbird weighing just 20 grams. The smaller the bird, the bigger the photographic challenge!

Ewen Bell is the former "Editor at Large" for Digital Photography magazine in Australia, and publisher of the Photography for Travellers website. He produces features that share both technical and conceptual ideas to develop your photographic skills. Most of Ewen's work appears in the travel industry, with about 10,000 images currently in image libraries of tourist boards in Australia and beyond.

Andrew Peacock - "Bhutan - Dancing Colour"

Monday 15 April to Thursday 2 May 2019

Queensland based Andrew Peacock is a doctor and professional adventure travel photographer whose breathtaking imagery tells stories of the far-flung places he explores.

From pre-digital era journeys in the Himalaya to recent polar trips as a photo instructor with Lindblad Expeditions Andrew returns home with bold, creative photography to inspire wanderlust in the viewer.

For his latest collection of images, he spent two days photographing at a festival (or tshechu) at a beautiful monastery in the small remote district of Gasa in northwest Bhutan.

His aim was to try and communicate something of the colour and movement of the performers.

The result is a series of gorgeous colour abstract archival framed prints on display at Ted’s World of Imaging.

Learn more about Andrews work HERE

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