Located in the heart of Sydney

Ted's World Of Imaging, 317 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW

If you haven’t already been in to see us we’re confident you have never been anywhere like Ted’s World of Imaging (TWI)

This upends the assumptions of photographic retail to give you an experience like no other.

Sure, it’s a place where you can buy the best new products from some of the world’s best brands, but even more than that, Ted’s World of Imaging is about removing all the barriers to touching, learning, experiencing, asking questions, meeting people and letting your inspiration run wild.

Ted’s World of Imaging is about doing things, not just talking about them.



Whether you want to find out about new products, learn new techniques or explore new areas of interest, you’re bound to find something on our photography events calendar that’s in your sweet spot.

That might mean a whole lot of things. Like finding a new lens or range of lenses for your DSLR, brushing up on camera essentials or taking your next photographic step like macro photography or portraiture.



Studio Hire


Because Ted’s World of Imaging is all about doing things, it was a natural extension of our philosophy to have a photo studio for demonstration, teaching and hire and this is another of our unique offerings. It’s a controlled environment and creatively there’s no substitute.

The 25m2 space is thoughtfully designed and comes with interchangeable 2.7m wide white and grey studio backdrops, a 65 inch 4K Ultra HD screen with HDMI connectivity and a range of professional lighting equipment all included in the hire rate.


Ilford Galerie


The photographer’s gallery space is one of the things that truly makes Ted’s World of Imaging unique. All work featured in the photographer’s gallery is printed in house using the Canon Pro4000 on quality Ilford stock with each of the 12 A1 images framed by Profile.

There’s always something on, from work by known photographers, by our Ted’s Masters, Ambassadors or by our customers. If photography is a journey, then our gallery is a part of that. To inspire you, to enable you to enjoy the journeys of others and to start or continue your own.





If you can imagine a perfect educational experience where you can learn, ask questions and take on new challenges from beginner to advanced, instructed in person, that’s what Ted’s World of Imaging offers with a great range of photography courses and workshops right in the heart of Sydney.

Whether you are a complete novice who wants to understand the basics of your camera, or an experienced amateur who wants to go deep, and or learn more advanced techniques about post production, there is a photography course to suit you.