Alesha and Jarryd are from Australia’s top adventure travel blog, NOMADasaurus. They’ve been travelling the world for over a decade, seeking out unique experiences, off the beaten path destinations and fascinating cultures.

Starting off as backpackers travelling on a budget, today they are professional content creators, having worked in places as remote as Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands, capturing photos and videos of their travels for commercial clients and international media publications. 

Besides being the newest members of the Ted’s Masters program, they’re also brand ambassadors for Kathmandu, and are in the GoPro Family.

Alesha and Jarryd are travel photographers first and foremost, shooting images of landscapes, cityscapes and street scenes. Whether it’s the bazaars of Tajikistan or the mountains of Canada, they adapt their style to whatever destination they find themselves in.

While tourism and adventure photos are their bread and butter, they are also available for commercial shoots for hotels, tour operators, car brands, clothing companies and some portrait work. 

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