For premium landscape and similarly wide-scoping images with your Fujifilm GFX camera, consider this welcome addition to the range, the GF 30mm f3.5 R WR lens. When mounted on a GFX medium format body, this lens delivers a wide 24mm equivalent focal length, which it pairs with a bright f3.5 maximum aperture for versatile performance qualities. This lens features numerous high-end elements, including aspherical and low-dispersion glass, so it can be relied upon to produce sharp and detailed images in a range of shooting conditions. This lens is also brillaint in terms of its build-quality, with thanks to its being sealed at 9 locations for excellent dust and moisture-resistant. This is a worthy addition to your Fujifilm lens lineup.

  • Wide angle - 24mm equivalent focal length
  • Bright f3.5 maximum aperture
  • Weather Resistant construction
  • Premium optical design
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