This Fuji lens – designed for long distant portrait work – is another one of Fuji’s incredibly sharp portrait lenses. When compared to Fuji’s other prime lenses, this lens, which has a focal length of 90mm, allows you to be quite a distance away from your subject before taking the shot. This allows for detailed images with super-soft bokeh, emphasising the subject more than any other in Fuji’s range. With a fixed aperture of f2.0 and a weather-resistant build, the 90mm is rendered as quite a versatile lens.

  • Fixed f2.0 aperture – fast and great for low-light
  • Fast auto-focus speed.
  • Weather-sealed, dust-proof and can perform in temperatures down to -10 degrees.
  • Ideal for semi-pro and pro photographers.
  • Sleak design to match Fuji’s X-series range.
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