The Canon RF 800mm f11 IS STM is remarkably portable considering its long telephoto focal length, with thanks to its fixed f11 aperture and the dual-layer refractive optics used in its optical design. To keep the lens even more compact when not in use, this super-telephoto lens is retractable. If you are looking to achieve tack-sharp results on Sports and Wildlife subjects, but are conscious of keeping your kit suited to travelling around, this Canon lens is a perfect fit for you. While most lenses of this focal length are destined to a life on a tripod, the Canon RF 800mm f11 can be used handheld with great results on your Mirrorless camera, thanks to its smaller stature, as well as its built-in Image Stabilisation system.

  • Image Stabilisation
  • STM AF System
  • Fixed f11 aperture
  • Compact and portable build
  • Long telephoto focal length
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