Ted’s Top 5 Best Cameras for Kids

14/11/2019 10:17 AM

We all love to see our kids develop interests and hobbies as they grow - but there’s something that stops us from lending them our beloved DSLR when they express an interest in photography. Maybe because we’ve seen what happens to their Lego and teddy bears. Luckily, Ted’s have a terrific range of beginner - and child-friendly digital, instant and waterproof cameras to choose from instead!


Here on our list of the best 5 cameras for kids, you’ll find something for everyone, from the basic tough camera which can handle a little rougher usage, to an entry-level DSLR for the future professional photographers out there.


The Instax Mini 9 is a fun and easy way for kids to develop an interest in photography. This colourful camera’s instant print photography cuts down on the wait time, giving kids a hard copy of their work in a matter of moments! 


Your children will learn how to produce well-exposed images using the easy-to-understand brightness dial, while a selfie mirror allows them to take perfectly-framed portraits - a handy feature that saves them from wasting film.


Instant photo prints are also perfect for arts and crafts activities, from scrapbooking to bedroom decoration - and kids can add even more character and charm to images by purchasing different Instax Film types with different coloured borders. These kinds of accessories make for great future birthday and Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers.

Ted's top 5 best cameras for kids

Ted's top 5 best cameras for kids

Similar to the Instax Mini 9, the Fuji Instax LiPlay is an instant camera that combines modern functionality with classic retro-charm in a compact, kid-friendly size. The LiPlay produces instant prints in as little as 12 seconds, so even the most impatient kids will love it.  


While compatible with the charming range of Instax Mini Instant Film, this camera isn’t just for instant prints - it also features a Micro SD card to store images digitally, so you can return to them and make prints later if any distractions arise. The LiPlay’s handy built-in frames and filters mean you don’t need to change films to get a range of interesting and exciting effects - kids can customise prints with ease!

With all this, the most unique feature has got to be this: The LiPlay allows users to record a sound byte and attach it to a printed image via a QR code, so your kids can get as creative as they like! This camera is particularly ideal for young teens looking for something fun and fresh to enjoy with their friends.

The Fuji XP140 is a nice, friendly compact digital camera - but it also happens to be tough as nails. It’s waterproof to 25m, shockproof to 1.8m and freezeproof to boot. Beginner photographers will love its well-rounded image making features, including a 16.4MP CMOS Sensor, 4K video and a 5x optical zoom lens to frame photos and videos with ease. There’s also a handy eye-detection feature that ensures your eyes will be in focus - so you can even get your kids to snap your next profile picture!


The lens starts at a 28mm wide angle equivalent - so if you’re taking your kids hiking over the Christmas school holidays, they’ll be able to explore their landscape photography potential worry-free, with a camera that won’t break if it spills from their hands. The XP140 comes in a pocket-friendly size, so you won’t be forced to lug around heavy camera gear if your little one gets sidetracked or tired of carrying it.

Ted's top 5 best cameras for kids

Ted's top 5 best cameras for kids

For the most adventurous kids, the Coolpix W300 can come along for the ride, surf or ski. This great little camera boasts top-notch rugged features, being 30m waterproof and 2.4m shockproof, as well as freezeproof. But it’s not only for adventurers - the W300 can be used by all kids of all ages, because you won’t need to worry about accidental damage or clumsy little hands. 


If your kids love the water, this is the perfect camera for summer holidays by the beach or in the pool - your kids can capture happy memories playing Marco Polo or bodyboarding without a care in the world.

The W300 is also a handy image maker - 16MP sensor and versatile 5x optical zoom lens deliver great quality pictures, and a 4K UHD video will capture special family memories in crisp detail. If you’ve got a tech savvy family, you’ll enjoy using the built-in WiFi and Nikon’s own SnapBridge app to quickly and easily share your talented kid’s work with your family and friends online.

Canon’s most beginner-friendly DSLR yet, the EOS 1500D is perfect for kids who have shown a keen interest in photography and are ready for the next step.


Older children will love the useful guide mode, which helps you develop images with a specific style without needing to know all the advanced tricks and terminology right away. The 1500D also offers plenty of room to grow, as it’s compatible with a large range of Canon lenses and accessories - which will come in handy as your child’s specific photographic interests and style start to develop. 


With a 24.1MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and full HD Video, this camera far exceeds the image quality of smartphones and compact digital cameras - while WiFi connectivity makes it easy to quickly share images online. Users can also connect to Canon’s camera connect app for controlling the camera remotely. This is great for more advanced shooting. Your kids will be shooting amazing time-lapse images and capturing next-level selfies in no time at all.

Spark your kid’s curiosity and creativity

Photography is a great way to encourage your child’s curious nature and nurture their creative streak. Giving them quality beginner camera will help to teach them life-long skills that could spark a fun hobby, or even open up opportunities in the future. For more advice on the best camera for your child, take them along to your local Ted’s store, or check out our Academy workshops to find a beginner course near you.


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