10 Things to Know About Our Total Care Packages

10 March 2020

At Ted’s Cameras, we know that looking after your camera isn’t always easy. Even the most careful photographer can sometimes find themselves with a digital camera or photography accessories that are a little worse for wear. Regular wear and tear, bumps or scratches from an adventure photography session, and moisture or dust damage can all add up to make camera maintenance a time-consuming - not to mention expensive - activity.

While common options for protecting your camera include camera insurance and manufacturer’s warranty, we understand that many photographers need something more comprehensive. Our Total Care Packages offer just that, and include everything from drone and camera repairs to camera checkups and a loan camera during repair periods. 

Before you purchase a Ted’s Total Care Package with your next piece of photography gear, read our 10 FAQs about our camera protection plans below.

1. What is a Total Care Package?

A Ted’s Total Care Package is a camera protection plan for video, compact, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras. Packages can also be purchased for camera lenses and flash units, drones, and gimbals. If you buy a camera or any of the above items from Ted’s and bundle it with a Total Care Package, we offer free repairs or replacement in the event that a manufacturing defect arises within the specified period. We’ll also throw in a handful of bonuses including annual camera checks and priority repair services - but more on those below!

10 Things to Know About Our Total Care Packages 10 Things to Know About Our Total Care Packages

2. What’s the difference between a Total Care Package, camera insurance, and a manufacturer’s warranty?

10 Things to Know About Our Total Care Packages 10 Things to Know About Our Total Care Packages

As we’ve previously shared in this post, camera insurance, manufacturer’s warranty, and Ted’s Total Care Packages offer three different types of protection for your photography gear. Manufacturer’s warranty is usually valid for between 1 and 5 years, and covers technical support, firmware upgrades, and some repairs. It typically comes with a long list of exclusions, and does not tend to include camera service. 

Similarly, camera insurance offers financial compensation if your camera is stolen or damaged in certain circumstances, but does not include camera servicing/cleaning. Many camera insurance policies are also accompanied by a list of exclusions.

Total Care Packages, on the other hand, give you access to our expert camera careservices - even if your camera hasn’t been damaged. In addition to offering priority repairs and replacement gear if necessary, our camera protection packages provide proactive care in the form of an annual camera checkup and free camera lens clean.

3. Which products can I purchase a Total Care Package for?

Total Care Packages are available for some of our most popular products:

4. Can I purchase a Total Care Package for a secondhand camera?

Yes, you can! 2 Year Total Care Packages are available for all secondhand cameras and lenses purchased from us.

5. How long does a Total Care Package last?

The length of protection depends on the Total Care Package that you purchase. Video and compact cameras and drones and gimbals are protected for 4 years, while secondhand cameras are protected for 2 years. Camera lenses and external flashes, as well as DSLR and mirrorless cameras, are protected for 5 years.

6. What does a Total Care Package cover?

In terms of camera repairs and service, our Total Care Packages have a similar list of inclusions to most manufacturer’s warranties. Our packages cover:

  • Repair or replacement of defective units or components

  • Priority repair service

  • A complimentary loan camera while your unit is being repaired (security deposit required)

Just bring your camera, lens, flash, drone, or gimbal to your nearest Ted’s store and we’ll handle the rest - from arranging repairs to ordering replacement parts. Our Total Care Packages also include a number of proactive camera service features, such as:

  • A complimentary annual camera checkup

  • A complimentary DSLR camera sensor clean (usually valued at $80)

10 Things to Know About Our Total Care Packages 10 Things to Know About Our Total Care Packages

7. What does a Total Care Package exclude?

Our Total Care Packages do not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, accidents, dirt or water damage, or battery leakage. They also exclude damage caused by unauthorised repairs or tampering with your device.

8. Do I need to make regular payments?

No, our Total Care Packages give you 2, 4, or 5 years of protection for a single, one-off cost.

9. When can I buy a Total Care Package?

Ted’s Total Care Packages can be purchased whenever you buy a camera, drone, gimbal, flash, or lens online or in person at one of stores.

10. Do I need to take my camera to a Ted’s store for repairs?

Yes. Drop your camera off at your nearest Ted’s store and we’ll take it from there.

Give your camera the protection it deserves

Our Total Care Packages take the headache out of camera maintenance and repairs, so you can spend more time doing what you love most: Taking great photos. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just starting out, they’re a great way to keep your camera and photography gear in top condition for as long as possible.

Ready to enjoy peace of mind and a new level of expert camera service? Purchase a Ted’s Total Care Package online now, or head into your local Ted’s Cameras store for advice from our expert team.

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