"One On One" with Elise Kellond-Knight

30/01/2020 10:07 am

Get "One on One" with our "Ambassador", Elise Kellond-Knight! At just 28 years of age, Elise has an impressive array of sporting achievements under her belt, and she somehow still finds time to pursue her other passion of Photography.

Elise, or KK as she is often called, is a competitive 28-year old with an impressive career path. She has excelled in football and played in two World Cups and one Olympic Games, earning over 100 caps for the Matildas.  She is only the 7th Australian female to ever do so.  

She is renowned on the pitch for her wicked left-footed corners and free kicks, passing accuracy, vision, composure and leadership.

Some of her major achievements include:

  • Two times selection in the FIFA World Cup All Stars team (2011 & 2015) 
  • Tournament of Nations Champion 2019
  • Australian Female Footballer of the Year 2011 & 2015
  • AFC Champion 2010
  • Played professionally in Australia, USA, Germany, Sweden, Japan and Denmark

Elise Kellond-Knight is also a talented photographer travelling the world and the latest addition to Ted's Ambassador team. This is her story...

Elise Kellond-Knight
Elise Kellond-Knight
Elise Kellond-Knight

What does photography mean to you?

Elise Kellond-Knight

Life lit up!

For me, the goal of taking photographs is to encapsulate the current mood and environment in a single still image. This can be extremely challenging and it’s what keeps me inspired and motivated to take photos.

Typically speaking, my favourite type is landscape photography. My photos are able to trigger a cascade of memories from my travel experience. I also have a great appreciation of beautiful things and believe life’s memories should be made to look special in their own unique way.

Where do you take your Camera?

I love to travel off the beaten track and enjoy discovering the untravelled path.

This can range from deserted beaches to remote mountain hikes and abandoned buildings.

Elise Kellond-Knight

"Adventure is the way I chase that stoked feeling, I often feel whilst I’m doing my other passion, surfing."

What is your camera to you?

Elise Kellond-Knight

My camera is a means to document and capture the amazing visuals I encounter. It seems such a waste to rely purely on memories which words often cannot describe.

I live a special life that takes me to a wide variety of countries and photography is my tool to share these often breathtaking experiences. My camera releases the ingrained sense of adventure within me.

Some of my favourite places to photograph have been Italy, Northern Spain, Canada, Jordan and New Zealand.


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