One on One with Ben Connolly in Isolation

14/08/2020 7:39 am

Now is the time to refine your photography and focus on subjects local to your area.

We ask our Ted's Master Ben Connolly about his photography journey through isolation. Read on to receive some helpful tips and tricks to growing your photography at this time.

Ben Connolly One on One in Isolation
Ben Connolly One on One in Isolation

What has the extra time over isolation allowed you to achieve?

With weddings being postponed in a frenzy just days after returning from speaking at WPPI 2020 in early March, I was left with 4 months of looking for something to do. With a strong business model already in place, I had no big concerns around staying in business or money so like most entrepreneurs I hit the computer and started creating online content, looking at ways to streamline my business, teaching myself new skills via online training and finally doing some experimenting with shooting new things and photoshop.

Have you had many local photography adventures recently? Do you have three recommendations for where to go?

During that time of experimenting with shooting different things, I shot a number of portraits of friends with bright colours and meters of flowing fabric. With these particular photos requiring at least 3 or 4 different exposures to composite into one photo, I had to learn more photoshop skills in a hurry and also learn how to properly shoot each photo so that it would be easier for me to edit later. In shooting these photos I found and revisited a number of really great beach locations as well as finding new things in old locations.



Ben Connolly One on One in Isolation

The headland at Moffat Beach where all the rocks are, Shelly Beach rock pools, Point Arkwright rocks and Wirreanda Park all on the Sunshine Coast are amazing locations to shoot in for both weddings and portraits. 


While all these photos were done just for fun I’ve entered a number of them into national and international competitions during isolation with a select few winning multiple silver or bronze awards which has been pretty fun considering it was just a fun way to get out and get creative.

What are some tips and tricks to improve your photography locally?

Throughout isolation, I found that just getting out with friends or family to shoot something new and different has been really rewarding and just fun to do, so if you want to improve your photos as best you can and experiment locally my advice would be to grab a friend or a willing family member and find a cool location and try something new, then try something new again next week and before you know it you’ll have all these amazing new skills ready for when the world starts getting back to normal again.

Ben Connolly One on One in Isolation
Ben Connolly One on One in Isolation

Now is the perfect time to boost your social presence. Do you have any suggestions for fellow photographers trying to grow their following?

I personally don’t have a huge social media following because I admit to being a little lazy when it comes to that, much to the dismay of many of my friends. But with the time we all have at home now, it’s a great time to clean up your social media channels, set up systems for posting things regularly and build templates for stories because consistency and frequency is king when it comes to social media. Update your profile photos and be sure to let everyone know that you’re still here, you’re still operating and if photography is your business that your still taking bookings. Don’t go quiet and hide, be loud when everyone else is hiding.

How has this period of isolation changed your perspective on photography?

I wouldn’t really say that this isolation time has changed my perspective on photography, but it has changed my perspective on life and the world. To have something like this all but shut down the planet is very sobering and it makes you look at what you do in life, what and who you really appreciate and maybe how you could be a better human. I’m sure many like me looked and built alternate streams of income during this period so that if something like this ever happens again we won’t be badly disadvantaged. This event has also validated the importance of a strong and solid business model, with systems, procedures and structure in place to ensure you don’t go under like so many people have. In business and life, planning is king!

Ben Connolly One on One in Isolation

Going forward will there be new adventures and directions you have planned during this time. Could you give us some insight?

During isolation, I’ve spent lots of time building the structure behind my personal coaching, mentoring and speaking brand as well as writing a book about my life and the challenges I’ve faced in life, business, and photography in the hopes that it might help others get through the challenges that life throws at us every day. International travel pending I’m hoping to be able to speak at WPPI in Las Vegas next march then to Malaysia for the Asia Wedding Photography Awards where I just woke 1st & 2nd places respectively in the wedding album category. We have speaking engagements and training classes with Teds ready to roll out across Australia as soon as we can have face to face classes and training again. Early next year I will also be launching a wedding album design service as well as trying in album design and sales to help photographers make the most of their work and give their clients something more than just USB sticks.


Ben Connolly One on One in Isolation
Ben Connolly One on One in Isolation
Ben Connolly One on One in Isolation
Ben Connolly One on One in Isolation

Do you have any recent photographic projects that you'd like to share?

I’m very excited to share that in conjunction with Teds I have almost completed the most comprehensive Photography training program in Australia to date. Featuring over 10 modules that will take the amateur photographer or someone looking to start a photography business from a standing start all the way through to a complete operational business along with all the photography theory you could possibly want, ranging from the step by guide to staring your business, basic shooting, the equipment you need, exposure, lighting and posing, on and off-camera flash, pricing, album design and sales and so much more. This program covers everything you need to know to shoot, run a business, make money from it and keep it! You’ll get everything from step by step guides to planners to systems to set up in your new business. 


Along with the written program there will also be the option of an audio accompaniment as well as one on one and photo critique sessions with me personally. Teds have also added in some great value offers for members of our Teds family who undertake the program and we will also be setting up a private Facebook group for all the program attendees in order to continue your education and allow me to help you, keep you updated with additional program add ons and answer any questions.


I’m very excited to be sharing this program very soon and making it available to the entire Ted's Cameras family Australia wide. Your journey to an incredible and fulfilling business is not far away so stay tuned for launch dates.


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