Inspiring Drone Videos

16 November 2017

The drone is one of the most popular pieces of modern technology to have entered the mainstream in recent years. With this readily available gadget, all of us can shoot cinematic bird's-eye views, and record things from various exciting angles. We are no longer stuck with our feet firmly planted on the ground, leaving the skies to professional crews and their disposable budgets.

Here are some awe-inspiring drone-driven videos to get your creative juices flowing before you head out shooting on your own.

An Aerial Perspective of Nordland – Michael Fletcher

You'd be hard pressed to think of a more beautiful landscape to show off your drone videos than Nordland in Norway. The majestic and misty mountains of Norway are in full force in this expertly produced video, brought to you by photographer Michael Fletcher. This jaw-dropping cinematic experience was made possible by none other than the hugely popular DJI Phantom 4.

Sardine Run 2016

This work will immediately challenge every preconception you have about what a drone can achieve, heading underwater to capture the rarely seen life of Whales, Dolphins and Sharks. 

These breathtaking shots from below the surface serve as a reminder of the vast aquatic world that exists, much of which is completely undiscovered.

Lake of Fire: Drone Footage of Icelandic Lava River

These incredible scenes from Holuhraun in Iceland would simply be unavailable to us if it wasn't for the existence of the drone. The molten lava of this gigantic lava field spits and crackles unpredictably, sometimes coming dangerously close to the recording device.

It is safe to say the drones used in this project have been where no person would dare venture.

Balance - Tim Sessler

You've seen Manhattan, New York countless times on TV and in Movies, so how could another big apple video offer you anything new? Using his drone, Tim Sessler has done just that.

The Empire State Building and other famous sites from that brilliant skyline are presented in a unique light here, through the creative use of angles that would only be possible with a drone.

These are just a few of the countless examples of drone produced videos that are available online to entertain and inspire you.

We hope you found something here to get you out there with your own drone and can't wait to see your own videos of aerial brilliance!

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