How To Make a Photo Wall at Home

18 November 2021

We’re huge advocates of printing and displaying digital photographs. There's no point in letting them waste away in cloud storage! And while we love photo albums and photobooks, there are some photos that demand a little more attention: they deserve to be on a photo wall! Photo walls are a great way to display your favourite memories, and we’re here to share our best tips and tricks to help you create your photo wall and ensure the result feels aesthetic and balanced.

#1 Measure up your space

The first step when setting up your photo wall is to decide which wall in your home you’re going to use. Photo walls work in almost every space so whether you have a small corner to fill or a feature wall within your main living space, this guide will help your creativity blossom. Measuring your selected wall space will help you decide how many images you have space for and what size you should print them.

How To Make a Photo Wall at HomeHow To Make a Photo Wall at Home

#2 Select your images carefully

How To Make a Photo Wall at HomeHow To Make a Photo Wall at Home

Now that you have chosen your space, you can start selecting your favourite images to display on your photo wall. Be as critical as you can of your own photography. Try to select images on their photographic merit, not just their sentimental value. That way, your photo wall will be appreciated by all who visit your home, not just your closest family members and friends.

#3 Choose a theme and style for your photo wall

There is often a subtle art to making these visual collages fit together in a way that feels cohesive and compelling. To make sure it all clicks together, choose one theme and style for your photo wall. You will find thousands of photo wall ideas online to give you some inspiration. With everything from family picture wall ideas to how to make a photo wall backdrop, Instagram and Pinterest are both great places to start if you’re not quite sure what style you want to go for.

How To Make a Photo Wall at HomeHow To Make a Photo Wall at Home

#4 Make your photo wall aesthetic

Now that you’ve picked your photos and theme, you may be wondering how to make your photo wall aesthetic. Whether you decide to frame the photos or not, to hang them evenly spaced or not, and the number of photos you display will all affect the general aesthetic of the wall. Here are some key questions to ask yourself when planning your photo wall:

How To Make a Photo Wall at HomeHow To Make a Photo Wall at Home

Framed or unframed?

You’ll need to decide if you want the photos framed or unframed - or a mix of both. If you’re going for framed photos, we can help you out with classic wooden photo frames available in the most common sizes in a variety of colours. There are also plenty of photo wall ideas without frames, in which case, we can also help you with all of your photo printing needs.

Straight and evenly spaced, or eclectic casual hanging?

Before you start arranging your pictures on the wall, you will need to decide whether you want to emulate a serious gallery-style photo wall, or if you want your wall to appear like an enlarged scrapbook, with images of varying shapes and sizes presented alongside each other.

Cluttered images, or minimalistic approach?

Similar to above, how much white space each image is given around it will have an effect on how the image will be viewed, as well as how much work you can actually present on the wall.

#5 Print the images for your photo wall

Before you start hanging, you will need to print your photos. You can order your prints online or in-store at Ted’s Cameras, ready for collection the next day. Or browse our range of at-home printers and read our guide on how to print your photos at home. Either way, you won’t have to wait too long before you can start piecing together your masterpiece.

Here are some of the different prints you could go for:


Ted’s in store printing service allows you to select your favourite images and have them enlarged up to 8x12-inches in size. This option is usually best for smaller spaces, as well as for presenting a larger body of work on your photo wall.

Poster prints 

For larger prints, Ted's poster printing service should be considered. These prints start at 11x14-inches and go up to a huge A1 size, with custom sizes also available.

Block mounting

Block mounts are a great option if you don’t want to frame your photos but require something sturdier for your images. Ted’s service includes block mounts available in both black and silver 20mm foam core - adding a professional edge to any photo wall. 

How To Make a Photo Wall at HomeHow To Make a Photo Wall at Home

Canvas Prints

A great alternative to standard photographic paper, canvas prints add more texture and character to an image and can help you to achieve a more artistic look and feel. Available in a range of sizes, canvas prints come stretched and ready to hang.

Bonus tips for perfecting your photo wall

How To Make a Photo Wall at HomeHow To Make a Photo Wall at Home

You now have your prints, your wall, and you’ve decided on the overall aesthetic. Here are a few last tips that might come in handy when you’re putting together the wall:

  • Plan your layout on paper before you hang
  • Mix horizontal and vertical images
  • Use a tape measure to keep things evenly spaced
  • Use some string to make sure your photos are straight
  • Use photo tape to stick prints to your wall, to prevent damage to the walls and photographs

Display your favourite memories on your new photo wall

At Ted’s Cameras, we have everything you need to create the perfect photo wall for your home. Discover our full range of printing services including cameras, frames, instant film and accessories. To print your photos with Ted’s Cameras, visit your local Ted’s Cameras store and get in-person expert advice from Ted’s staff.

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