Homeless in Focus: UNSEEN Exhibition - 2021

14/04/2021 9:57 am

Homeless in Focus: UNSEEN Exhibition

‘Best Mates’ - Michelle, MySydney 2021

Background info: What is Homeless in Focus?

Homeless in Focus is an initiative that Ted's Cameras has been very proud to be a part of in conjunction with Fujfilm. This worthwhile endeavour puts Fujfilm disposable cameras in the hands of members of Sydney's homeless community, allowing them to explore their creativity as they practise their photographic framing and composition. Importantly, this initiative also gives them the chance to network and make crucial personal connections.

The film from these disposable cameras was processed at Ted's Fujfilm lab at TWI and from this excellent collection of images, which was notable for the unique perspective captured, 14 winners were selected. The winning images were presented in the annual MySydney calendar, with all proceeds from these calendars were donated to charities that support the homeless community.

Homeless in Focus: UNSEEN Exhibition

‘Any Time, Any Day’ – Jai, MySydney 2017

An exhibition of these winning images was also held at Ted’s world of Imaging Ilford Galerie space from December 2020 - January 2021, with the winners invited to proudly view their professionally presented works. Ted's was sure to treat these exceptional works with the respect they deserved, printing with the Canon Pro 4000 wide format printer, using Ilford Pro Smooth Pearl photo paper, and framing the images using Profile framing solutions.

The UNSEEN Project

Homeless in Focus: UNSEEN Exhibition

‘From Homeless to the Garden’ – Joyce, MySydney 2021


The UNSEEN project is an initiative put together to generate awareness of the hidden experiences of homeless people in Australia, specifically homeless women.


To spread awareness, the UNSEEN project is positioning a mobile tiny home on location in Sydney's CBD, with this tiny home exhibiting the winning images captured by female participants of the Homeless in Focus project across the previous 3 years.


This tiny home will move to a new location in Sydney's CBD for 1 week each month until December 2021. Each month a different exhibit will be showcased.

Where can I view this exhibition?



The current exhibition which is described above can be seen in Martin Place in Sydney until this Friday April 16th, 2021.


If you can't make it this week, you will get another opportunity to view this exhibition during Sydney's Vivid festival this August, with the exact location yet to be confirmed.

Homeless in Focus: UNSEEN Exhibition

‘Walk On By’ – Jai, MySydney 2017

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