Fujifilm X-H2S Review

11 July 2022

Are you wondering what makes the Fujifilm X-series range of Mirrorless cameras so popular? With our review of the latest release in the range, the flagship Fujifilm X-H2S, we will uncover the success of these cameras, and what makes this particular model the top of its class.

Getting to know the Fuji X-H2S

The Fujifilm X-H2S features a 26.2MP X-Trans CMOS Sensor, which it pairs with a brand new X-Processor 5 processing engine. Fuji's X-Trans image sensors are notable due to their exceptional colour reproduction and low-noise performance, which can go toe to toe with much larger image sensors, such as the full-frame models of competitors. The X-Processor 5 is a huge advancement, resulting in the camera harnessing double the processing power of previous models. Let's get to the bottom of what this means.

The Fujifilm X-H2S features a broad 80-51200 ISO range, and users can feel confident to use the higher ISO settings, knowing the image quality will be exceptional. The imaging power of this mirrorless camera extends beyond still photography, with 6K30p resolution video recording available, as well as 4K120p. That's right, with the Fujifilm X-H2S you can produce 4K slow-motion videos.

Delving a little deeper

With the introductions out of the way, let's uncover if the X-H2S is indeed the right Fujifilm mirrorless camera for you to build your kit around.

Advanced Video Functionality - The Fujifilm X-H2S is suitable for more advanced video purposes, with the ability to record in more advanced codecs, such as Apple ProRes 422 HQ. This camera features both microphone and headphone ports for harnessing a higher quality of audio and keeping a close ear on your audio during recording, to prevent any unexpected issues. The X-H2S features a heat-dissipating design to allow users to experience longer video recording times, while to take this one step further, Fuji has released a cooling fan that users can purchase separately.

Fujifilm X-H2S ReviewFujifilm X-H2S Review
Image Copyright Qi Guan

Speedy Continuous shooting & Fast AF - The Fujifilm X-H2S is set up to capture a wide range of photographic subjects, even those that are moving at a rapid speed, such as sports and wildlife. This is due to the camera including a continuous shooting rate of up to a remarkable 40 frames per second. When shooting at 20FPS RAW or 30FPS Jpeg, the X-H2S can keep firing at this blistering pace and capture over 1000 images in a burst.

Crucially, the X-H2S features a fast and incredibly accurate AF system with 425 AF points and AI subject detection that allows users to use the speedy shooting of the camera to its full potential. While face and eye detection has been seen in previous models, with this camera subject detection has been improved to recognise and track a greater variety of subjects such as cars, animals and more. This AF system not only recognises subjects but also keeps up with them as they move throughout the frame, while it can even continue to perform to an admirable level in very dim lighting conditions.

Fujifilm X-H2s ReviewFujifilm X-H2s Review
Image Copyright Ulet Ifansasti

Built-In 5-Axis Image Stabilisation  - Are you interested in photographing in tricky lighting conditions, doing much of your photography handheld, or working with longer focal length lenses? You're going to love working with the Fujifilm X-H2S and its 5-Axis in-camera image stabilisation system. This stabilisation system provides up to 7-stops of stabilisation, which means that if the correct exposure requires a slower shutter speed, or you are using long magnifications where even a small bump would usually result in camera shake, your shots will be sharp and blur-free. 

Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity - Keeping the camera in line with modern times, the X-H2S includes both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. There are a few major benefits to having this connectivity in a camera; firstly, you can use a smartphone with a dedicated app to control the camera remotely, for more advanced shooting setups. Secondly, once an image is captured, you can transfer it wirelessly to your phone for fast sharing to the world at large.

Fuji Film Simulations - If you are on this page you have probably already heard talk about those famous Fuji colours. With the X-H2S, you can relive the glory days of film in a modern digital setting, thanks to Fuji's excellent film simulation modes that emulate the look of everyone's favourite film stocks. All of the classics are included, such as Astia, Velvia and Classic Chrome, while these can be adjusted and fine-tuned to assure that you find a character that is unique and in line with your creative vision. This is something both beginners and advanced users can enjoy.

Fujfilm X-H2S ReviewFujfilm X-H2S Review
Image Copyright Tadateru Takahashi
Fujifilm X-H2S ReviewFujifilm X-H2S Review

Features of the Fujifilm X-H2S Body - Fujifilm has perfected the art of portable, user-friendly cameras with their X-series range. The X-H2S is no exception, being compact and lightweight but including plenty of buttons and dials that lend themselves to advanced manual shooting. Crucially, this camera includes a top LCD screen that gives users a quick readout of important camera settings in time-sensitive situations, when there is no time to study the rear LCD screen. Dual memory card slots are available, 1x SD and 1x CFexpress, so whether you are using the advanced burst shooting or high-resolution video recording of the camera, you can rest easy, you will not be running out of storage space unexpectedly.

For composing and reviewing images, the X-H2S includes both an EVF, which facilitates standard eye-level composing, and a tilting LCD screen that is perfect for those shooting from tricky angles and filming video. The LCD screen is touch-sensitive, allowing those that are accustomed to operating smartphones have very little trouble navigating the menu system and shooting functions of the camera. Like the X-H1 before, this camera can facilitate the longer lenses in the Fujifilm XF lens lineup, thanks to its balanced and ergonomic design with enhanced handgrip.

Despite being compact and great for travel, the Fujifilm X-H2S does not dictate where you must go on your trip, with a magnesium alloy build and dust and moisture resistance, meaning it can just as easily handle life in the great outdoors, as it can a life in the studio. The many buttons and dials included on the versatile X-H2S camera body have been made from a higher-quality material than previous models, and the all-important shutter mechanism of the camera is rated to 500,000 actuations, so more professional users can confidently rely on this camera to produce their most pressing work.

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