DJI Drone Comparison

2 August 2021

DJI is the undisputed leader of the skyway with their range of drones providing everything an aerial enthusiast could possibly need. The best DJI drones are portable and powerful, they are more than capable flyers, and their built-in cameras are capable of capturing cinematic masterpieces. 

Three of the most popular DJI drone models on the market, particularly for more serious users are the Air 2, AIr 2S and the FPV. Each is a little different and has its own strengths that will inspire and produce excellent results when in the right hands. So, which DJI drone is the best fit for you? Let's dig a little deeper.

Some details about each Model

DJI Air 2

The DJI Mavic Air 2 is a great drone for anyone wanting to produce excellent quality videos with a portable and travel-friendly drone kit. Its folding design allows it to quickly and easily be stowed away in your camera bag so you can move onto your next destination. The flight time of 34 minutes allows you plenty of time to experiment when you are up in the air, which will obviously lead to a greater quantity of beautiful aerial views.

The top flight time of this drone is an impressive 68.4 kph, meaning if let this drone spread its wings you will be truly impressed with what it can do, while obstacle avoidance in three directions will assure your Air 2 will return to your side in one piece.

DJI Drone ComparisonDJI Drone Comparison

DJI Air 2S

Like the Mavic Air 2, the DJI Air 2S is a portable and powerful drone. This main improvement that you will see from this drone stems from its larger 1-inch image sensor, which makes this DJI Air 2S the best drone for you if you want to capture the best possible quality aerial photos and videos; these videos are now available in superb 5.4K resolution.

Like the Air 2, the Air 2S is a strong flyer,  with the same top flight speed and an improved obstacle avoidance system which now adds upwards facing sensors. DJI’s MasterShots is also now included in the Air 2S, a feature that automatically decides the correct flight path for a specific scene, so you can create cinematic masterpieces while you are still learning the ropes.

DJI Drone ComparisonDJI Drone Comparison


The DJI FPV drone is quite different from the other models on our list. Being a first person view drone, this offering provides users with a better enjoyment of the flight experience; this is especially apparent when the drone is paired with the DJI FPV goggles.

If you look at the DJI FPV and are reminded of the sleek design of a race car, you are not too far off. This drone can reach an amazing top speed of 140 kph, it is easy to maneuver in the air with its videogame-like controller, and while you are safe on land, you feel like you are up there with your drone, thanks to the OcuSync 3.0 transmission system with its 10KM transmission range.

DJI Drone ComparisonDJI Drone Comparison

Head to Head Specifications

DJI Air 2 DJI Air 2S DJI FPV Drone
Size (Unfolded): 183 × 253 × 77mm Size (Unfolded): 183 × 253 × 77mm Size (Unfolded): 178 × 232 × 127mm
Video Resolution: 4K60p Video Resolution Video Resolution: 5.4K30p Video Resolution Video Resolution: 4K60p Video Resolution
Camera System: 1/2'' CMOS Camera System: 1” CMOS Sensor Camera System: 1/2.3” CMOS
Top Flight Speed: 68.4 kph Top Flight Speed: 68.4 kph Top Flight Speed: 140 kph
Max Flight Time: 34 min Max Flight Time: 31 min Max Flight Time: 21 min
Weight: 570g Weight: 595g Weight: 795g

Common DJI Drone Questions

Can anyone fly a drone?

As long as you are not flying your drone for commercial reasons, you do not need a licence to fly a drone but there is a list of rules and regulations that you need to follow.

Flying the DJI FPV requires extra consideration. You need to be a member of the MAAA, fly your drone in an approved setting, and you may need to apply for additional approvals.

DJI Drone ComparisonDJI Drone Comparison

Which DJI Drone produces the best quality videos?

If you are looking for the DJI drone that will produce the best possible quality video results, look no further than the DJI Air 2S with its large 1-inch CMOS sensor and 5.4K video resolution.

Which DJI drone is the most capable flyer?

The DJI FPV is like a racecar in the sky. If you want a drone simply for the pleasure of flying, this one should be at the top of your list.

Can I control my DJI drone with my smartphone?

The DJI Fly APP is compatible with the DJI Air, Air 2S and FPV drones. This app helps users get the most from their drone in terms of flying, editing and sharing their results.

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