5 Creative Indoor Photography Ideas for Kids

20/05/2020 6:22 am

Anyone with kids will tell you that no two are the same. And they’re completely right - every kid has their own unique interests, hobbies, and personality traits that make them perfectly lovable and unique. But whether your little one is a sports enthusiast, a bookworm, or an arts and crafts aficionado, all kids have something in common: They hate being stuck inside for prolonged periods.


Social distancing is challenging for everyone, but can be particularly difficult for energetic, curious kids who like to get outdoors and explore the world around them. Luckily for you, spending more time than usual indoors is the perfect opportunity to share your love of photography with your little ones. Below, we’ve rounded up 5 creative indoor photography ideas to keep your kids busy and entertained while quarantining.

1. Give them free reign with a camera

Most kids learn by doing, so the best way to get them interested in photography is by simply letting them play around with a camera. You might be a little wary of lending them your new full-frame mirrorless camera, so start off by letting them borrow your smartphone and snap pictures of whatever takes their fancy.

Once they’ve learned how to safely hold and use a camera, then they can progress to a proper digital camera. If you’re worried that they might accidentally damage your photography gear or if a full-sized camera is too large for their small hands, consider picking out a waterproof and shockproof digital camera for kids that they can learn on.

5 creative indoor photography ideas for kids

2. Use their toys as models

5 creative indoor photography ideas for kids

Younger kids in particular will love this creative kid’s photography idea, which will put them in the director’s chair for a day. Organise a photo shoot with their favourite soft toy, doll, or action figure, and help them work out the best photo composition and lighting.


For an extra element of creativity, you can even set your kid the task of dressing up their toy or even designing the set. When it comes time to shoot, share your best photography tips and tricks with them.

Top Tip: Colourful crayon drawings, bedsheets, and blankets all make great kid’s photography backdrops that will make their photos pop.

3. Learn something with them



While you’re planning photography lessons for your kids, why not take the time to learn something new with them? Mastering a new photography skill together can be a great bonding experience that you’ll remember for years to come.

Whether you want to experiment with time-lapse videos or low light photography, now’s the perfect time to start, particularly if your kids are older. They’ll appreciate seeing that their parents don’t know everything after all, and you’ll set a great example by encouraging them to try new things.

5 creative indoor photography ideas for kids

4. Print out some older images

5 creative indoor photography ideas for kids


In the age of digital photography it’s easy to forget that printing and presentation are huge parts of photography practice. As your kids are learning photography, help their love of the printed image bloom by making prints of older images saved on your computer or hard drive. 


Chances are they’ll love taking a trip down memory lane with you and seeing your old snaps - and once your photos are printed, they’ll love collaging and scrapbooking even more.

Top Tip: In 2020, instant photography has returned to the mainstream with a bang. Kids in particular will love watching photos appear right before their eyes, so consider adding an instant camera for kids to your photography toolkit.

5. Set up themed photography projects

If you’ve got a budding bookworm who misses school and regular classes, keep them busy by setting regular projects that are challenging and stimulating without being too difficult. As well as developing their camera skills and love of photography, you’ll help keep their love of learning alive. Our favourite fun photography projects for kids include:


  • Encourage them to photograph 5 things of a certain colour in your house or yard
  • Challenge them to take 5 photos of objects all starting with the same letter
  • For older kids, teach them how to shoot in manual mode and task them with only shooting this way for a day
5 creative indoor photography ideas for kids

Depending on the particular interests of your kid, there are plenty of creative indoor photography ideas you can try - imagination is your only limit!

Share your passion with your little ones

Social distancing with kids can be challenging, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to experiment and learn as a family. With our creative kids photography ideas, you can share your love of photography with your little ones and watch them blossom into amateur photographers themselves.

Ready to get started? Explore the best digital cameras for kids and discover more creative ways to keep busy while social distancing our blog now!


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