Canon EOS M Mirrorless Roundup - 2021

8/07/2020 9:13 am

As with their popular DSLR range, Canon has a range of Mirrorless cameras aimed at each segment of the market. While their professional level EOS R range has professionals trading in their heavy DSLR gear for a more portable and lightweight camera system, Canon’s EOS M range are high-quality entry-level models that make the transition to the interchangeable lens world simple and stress-free.. 


With this roundup, we will take a look at the consumer level EOS M range of cameras, and try to uncover which Canon Mirrorless camera is right for you.

  • 24.2MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • 7 FPS Continuous Shooting
  • Built-in Bluetooth, WiFI & NFC
  • High-Res EVF


The EOS M5 is slightly older than some others on our list,  but you wouldn’t know it from looking at its list of features. Despite being on the market for a few years now, the EOS M5 is actually similar in quality to the newer M200. While still compact when compared to a DSLR, it is a slightly larger and heavier body, so it is probably not the best choice of EOS M camera for travel photography. 


What this camera does offer is exceptional versatility and ease of use.

It is capable of Full HD video as opposed to the 4K of more recent models but it does include a mic input so you can pair the camera up with an external microphone to improve your overall video results. If you are not fussed by the slightly larger body,  you are rewarded with an electronic viewfinder to frame your images and a hot-shoe for attaching accessories, such as an external flash.


  • 4K Video
  • 3-inch Vari-angle Touch screen
  • Built-in Bluetooth, WiFI & NFC
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF


The Canon EOS M50 is a newer model with a similar build and size to the EOS M5. The advantages that this newer model has over the older M5 are quite apparent, including a faster and more accurate autofocus system with more points, 4K resolution video, a faster processor, and increased continuous shooting speeds. 

Both cameras feature a tilting screen, but the newer M50 tilts out to the side as well as up and down 180-degrees - this makes it easier to operate when you are in front of your camera. Thanks to these inclusions, as well as it retaining a microphone input, the Canon EOS M50 is a great choice of camera for vlogging for beginners.

  • 32MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • 14 FPS Continuous Shooting
  • 4K30p Video Recording
  • Removable OLED EVF


The enthusiast-friendly Canon EOS M6 Mark II is the newest member of the EOS M range. This compact and lightweight camera features a new high-resolution 32MP APS-C image sensor, so it is capable of producing highly-detailed photographic prints. The versatile EOS M6 Mark II can shoot UHD 4K video and features a continuous shooting rate of up to 14 frames per second. This camera is another excellent choice for vlogging, thanks to its tilting screen and microphone input, as well as its size, which is more suitable for content creation on the go and travel photography.


The M6 Mark II comes bundled with an external viewfinder, which means you can experience some classic eye-level composing, but remove the viewfinder if a more portable kit is in order. With its built-in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, you can control your camera remotely via your smart device, as well as transfer files quickly, to avoid too much delay between capturing and sharing.

  • 24MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • 3-inch touch-sensitive, tilting LCD screen
  • UHD 4K Video
  • Built-in WiFI & NFC Connectivity

At the entry point of the market, you will find the portable and lightweight Canon EOS M200. With its small stature and touchscreen-based operation, the EOS M200 is an ideal first interchangeable lens camera, as the learning curve is not too great if you are coming from a smartphone camera background. This simplicity, however, does not mean that this camera is light on quality. The EOS M200 features a 24MP APS-C sensor on the inside which is worlds above what you will find in a compact camera. It is also more than capable on the movie front, with UHD 4K video on offer, while the 3-inch touchscreen is also tiltable, making it great for selfies.


The Canon EOS M200 features Canon’s speedy and reliable Dual Pixel CMOS AF, so you can use the video recording as well as the burst shooting functions with freedom. The EOS M200 is great for beginners looking to learn more about how to capture great photographs, thanks to its visual guide and feature assistant.

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