Bowens Gemini 400 Studio Flash Kit

25 November 2013

About This Video

James from Ted's Cameras covers the features and benefits of the Bowens Gemini 400 two-head flash kit


James: Hi! I’m James and welcome to Get Teducated, if you are keen to try your hand at studio photography, then try the Bowens Gemini 400 kit

The Gemini 400 two-head kit from Bowens is perfect for those interested in getting started in studio lighting.

For studio quality light control, the kit includes two Bowens 90cm dual-purpose Umbrellas and two 120° Wide-Angle reflectors, as well as the support stands to hold everything up. This gives you a complete kit that ensures you have everything you need for your first step into advanced lighting.

Not only is this versatile kit ideal in a studio setup, it is a perfect location kit too as being part of the 'Gemini' range it is compatible with the Bowens Travelpak portable battery system; allowing you to achieve perfectly lit shots in any environment.

Like all Bowens products the Gemini range offers consistency, reliability and quality to ensure stunning results in any environment.

The Gemini 400/400 kit really is the ideal way to get started in studio photography.

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