The 5 Best Camcorders for Video in 2021

30/11/2020 6:28 am

There are many options available today for filming video. From DSLRs and mirrorless cameras to your smartphone, it’s easier than ever to create home movies, vlogs or even TikToks. But amongst the different options that are out there, let’s not forget the trusty camcorders.


Camcorders are built for the sole purpose of capturing high-quality videos, and they do a fantastic job at it. They are lighter than bigger DSLR cameras, offer an incredibly simple way to record videos, and their design is perfect for handheld use, which allows you to comfortably use them for a longer period.

If you’re interested in getting yourself the best camcorder for home videos, we have put together a list of the best digital video cameras in 2021 to help you find the best one for you.

1. Best camcorder for functionality: Panasonic VX1

The Panasonic VX1 digital video camera packs a whole lot of video functionality into a portable package. Weighing in at just 428 grams, this camcorder is a much lighter option compared to DSLR cameras with their lenses. The VX1 is capable of 4K UHD video recording and features a versatile 24x optical zoom lens, which starts at a 25mm wide-angle equivalent. That means you can record an entire group of party gatherers one moment, and zoom up close for personal one-on-one scenes the next.


The Panasonic VX1 features a 3-inch LCD screen to frame your videos from any angle, and Hybrid Optical Image Stabilisation which renders videos smooth and steady. This is great news when you are holding the camera at arm’s length!


  • 4K UHD Video
  • 24x optical zoom
  • 3-inch LCD screen
  • Hybrid Optical Image Stabilisation
The 5 best camcorders for video in 2020

2. Best camcorder for beginners: Canon HFR806

The 5 best camcorders for video in 2020

The Canon Legria HFR806 is a simple, easy-to-use and beginner-friendly digital video camera. You’ll never want to attend a family trip or gathering without your HFR806 on board to capture all of the memories being created. This portable camera uses a wide-scoping 32x optical zoom lens to frame your videos, which can be recorded in Full HD resolution. Intelligent Image Stabilisation smoothes out all bumps and grinds, so you can enjoy steady footage upon playback.


The Canon Legria HFR806 features a 3-inch LCD screen, which is handy for composing your videos with accuracy. Plus, the screen is touch-sensitive, so you can quickly navigate the menu to find the fun and easy-to-use creative modes that are on offer.


  • Full HD Video
  • 32x optical zoom
  • 3-inch touch-sensitive LCD screen
  • Intelligent Image Stabilisation

3. Best camcorder for advanced videographers: Sony AX53

For those seeking more professional functionality in a budget-friendly and compact package, the Sony AX53 is a great option. This UHD 4K video-enabled camcorder features a high-quality Zeiss-branded lens at the front, with a 20x optical zoom range. Its Optical SteadyShot stabilisation provides smooth, blur-free video footage - even when you’re filming on the move!


The Sony AX53 is also a great camcorder for home videos. Thanks to its speedy and accurate Intelligent Autofocus, it is perfect for filming things on the go, such as your kids as they roam free and play.


  • 4K UHD Video
  • 20x optical zoom
  • 3-inch touch-sensitive LCD screen
  • Optical SteadyShot Stabilisation
The 5 best camcorders for video in 2020

4. Best camcorder for professional videographers: Sony AX700

The 5 best camcorders for video in 2020

The Sony AX700 has a 1-inch stacked EXMOR image sensor at the helm, which means the 4K resolution video it produces are exceptionally detailed, even in tricky lighting conditions. A high quality video camera for more advanced users, the AX700 features a lightning-fast and smooth hybrid AF system, which makes use of 273 phase-detection points positioned across most of the shooting area. This allows the camera to focus on your subjects no matter where they are positioned in the frame.


Professional videographers will appreciate the AX700’s full pixel readout without pixel binning, as well as the availability of Hybrid Log-Gamma and more, while anyone can enjoy the high-quality Zeiss-branded 12x optical zoom lens, and huge 3.5-inch touchscreen.


  • 4K HDR Video
  • 12x optical zoom
  • 3.5-inch touch-sensitive LCD screen
  • Optical SteadyShot Stabilisation

5. Best camcorder for YouTube: Panasonic V800

The Panasonic V800 video camera uses a sublime Leica-branded 24x optical zoom lens to capture life’s precious moments in Full HD 1080p resolution. The lens starts at a wide 25mm equivalent focal length, making this camera great for taking in sceneries and surroundings, as well as zooming in closer for more intimate details. With a fast f1.8 maximum aperture, you can produce videos with shallow depths of field, as well as capture low-noise footage in darker conditions, making it a great low light video camera. One of the best camcorders for YouTube, this is a versatile camera that will serve a range of purposes.


The Panasonic V800 features a hybrid optical image stabiliser, delivering steady handheld results, even when you are on-the-go trying to capture your family holidays and events.

The 5 best camcorders for video in 2020

A lightweight camera at just 428 grams, the V800 opens up the door for more adventurous cinematic results, with slow-motion video, HDR movie, and the wonderfully innovative Wireless Twin-Camera Capture, which allows you to set your smartphone up as a separate camera to record two different angles of the same event.


  • Full HD 1080p Video
  • 24x optical zoom
  • 3-inch LCD screen
  • Hybrid Optical Image Stabiliser

Using DSLR and mirrorless cameras for filmmaking

The 5 best camcorders for video in 2020



Camcorders are fantastic for capturing high-quality video footage, but if you’re looking for an all-in-one option that captures amazing stills too, you can also consider choosing a DSLR or its more portable version, a mirrorless camera. More and more professionals are using DSLR or mirrorless cameras as high-quality video cameras that are easy to use. Plus, they allow you to make the most of the flexible lens options that come with these cameras.

With a DSLR or mirrorless camera, it’s easy to switch from photo mode to video in an instant. Perfect for use on your family holiday or your next event, you can capture incredibly detailed, 4K footage with the right camera. Take a look at Ted’s selection of the best digital cameras for videos in 2021 to help you find the best video camera for your needs and budget.

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