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The Blackmagic Cloud Pod will change the way you share media, any USB-C disk can now be converted to network storage.
Perfect for when you need to share content across a network with multiple users in real-time. Featuring an incredibly fast 10G Ethernet connection, it maintains high-speed access, even with lots of simultaneous users all using files at the same time! With Dropbox live sync, files can be distributed between multiple units globally, for very fast local file access, even on lower-cost internet connections. Plus you don't need IT consultants as it's so easy to use. You can even plug in an HDMI monitor for real-time monitoring.

  • Fast 10G Ethernet
  • Dual USB-C Input
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • No Subscription Costs
  • Mac & PC Compatible

Designed for Film & Television

The Blackmagic Cloud Pod will transform your work! It's perfect for film and television because you can record onto USB-C flash disks and then use the Blackmagic Cloud Pod to make the disk available on the network for multiple editors and colourists to use. Depending on the brand of USB-C flash disk used, it even handles massive 12K Blackmagic RAW digital cinema files! USB-C flash disks are amazing because they are affordable, have zero seek times and you can buy them in any office supply store. Dropbox sync allows you to place pods in different locations so everyone can have a fast local copy of their files. Then each location gets the fastest editing experience possible.

Real-Time Monitoring

The most exciting feature is the HDMI monitoring output! Simply connect a TV or computer monitor to get a live status of the Blackmagic Cloud Pod! The storage map shows a graphic representation of the memory core and real-time read and write access happening for the connected users. It’s quite mesmerizing to watch! There are also graphs that show you the data transfers on the Ethernet connection. The main space indicator shows you the capacity of the two USB-C disks and how much is currently being used. You can also add a custom name to the pod! The status for each Dropbox connection is also shown. It's even possible to see connected users and the power status.

High Performance 10G Ethernet

The Blackmagic Cloud Pod has a high-speed 10G Ethernet port, which is only found on expensive workstation computers. With 10G Ethernet, you get 10 times the speed of regular Ethernet. Plus most computers can be upgraded to add 10G Ethernet! The Blackmagic Cloud Pod is so fast, that it will run the 10G Ethernet port to its maximum capacity. Even when connected to an Ethernet switch with dozens of users accessing files at the same time. The Ethernet also features very low latency for fast access times. That’s similar performance to expensive business SANs but in a low-cost design that you can install yourself!

Free Software for Mac and Windows

When you need to change settings, you can use the Blackmagic Cloud Pod utility that's available on Mac and Windows. By default, the Blackmagic Cloud Pod is set to DHCP, so you can connect it to your network and start transferring files. In many ways, it plugs in just like a regular hard disk. That means it's so easy to setup, you won't need an IT person to get started! However if you want to customize your network, then the utility software lets you change the network settings in the Cloud Pod. The utility also lets you add Dropbox sync folders.

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SKU 126952
Price $629.95
Warranty 1 YEAR
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Brand Blackmagic
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) BMD-DWCLDA/POD
  • Blackmagic Design Cloud Pod
  • Power Supply

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